Michael Hittleman Gallery - Los Angeles

The Michael Hittleman Gallery - Fine Israeli Art was established in 1976. The purpose was to exhibit a broad range of Israeli fine art ranging from the early pioneers to the leading avant-garde artists. The gallery exhibits the popular as well as the critically acclaimed. As part of an educational mission the gallery maintains a library of books, catalogues, articles and auction records of Israeli art. Michael Hittleman, the gallery's owner/director, lectures and writes on Israeli art history.

Website : http://www.michaelhittlemangallery.com/Default.aspx


Eleanor Harwood Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

The Eleanor Harwood Gallery opened September 2006 with a solo show by Emily Prince. The programming of the gallery focuses on represented artists as well as hosting shows and/or events for less established artists, musicians and writers to take risks in a professional gallery setting.
Eleanor Harwood became well known in the San Francisco arts community for curating the Adobe Books backroom gallery. She is also a painter and has worked on various curatorial projects in the Bay Area.

Website : http://www.eleanorharwood.com/Site/Home.html


Five Thirty Three - Los Angeles - USA

FIVE THIRTY THREE is located in a mixed-use loft in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles. During the day the gallery witnesses the bustle of busy streets overflowing with people. At night, the neighborhood is transformed into the most desolate of urban spaces. It is the goal of Five Thirty Three to reflect this eclecticism through its art program. The space is directed collaboratively in order to continually rethink modes of exhibition, and outside artists are invited to collaborate with the gallery in producing new and vital shows. By showing primarily group exhibitions that incorporate an interdisciplinary approach, Five Thirty Three hopes to create an open dialogue and community catalyzed by art, music, and design.

Website : http://fivethirtythree.org/index.php?/contact/address/


Fabien Fryns Fine Art - Los Angeles - USA

Fabien Fryns Fine Art is a new gallery in Los Angeles, exhibiting a wide range of contemporary art, including painting, drawings, prints, sculpture, video and installations, with a special focus on contemporary Chinese art.
The gallery is created by Fabien Fryns, who is also the founder of F2 Gallery in Beijing, China.

Website : http://www.fabienfryns.com/


Fifth Floor - Los Angeles - USA

Opened in January of 2008, Fifth Floor is a hybrid art/design gallery in the heart of LA’s Chinatown. Owner, Robert Apodaca’s background in architecture sees that the space delights in a mixture of contemporary art and design. Work by varying artists, designers, and architects rotate through the exhibition areas every month to two months; all the while, a steady base of unique accessories, jewelry, furniture and design objects remain on display. Many of these hand-made objects are available nowhere else besides Fifth Floor.
Fifth Floor´s gallery shows a wide range of work from painting and mixed media to furniture and even architectural exhibits. We are interested in exploring the realms of both art and design and their multiple intersections. Often leaning heavily on tectonic and/or spatial notions we think that concept and craft should not be mutually exclusive terms. While not every exhibition is conceptually driven, these often do explore socially relevant topics such as sustainable design and community issues.

Website : http://www.fifthfloorgallery.com/


The Fahey/Klein Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

The Fahey/Klein Gallery is devoted to the enhancement of the public's appreciation of the medium of photography through the exhibition and sale of 20th Century and Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Since the gallery’s inception, our exhibition program has embraced a broad range of diverse photographers from Edward Weston to Berenice Abbott; Man Ray to Henri Cartier-Bresson; Irving Penn to Melvin Sokolsky; Horst P. Horst to Herb Ritts; Peter Beard to James Nachtwey, among many others.

Website : http://www.faheykleingallery.com/home.htm


Eighth Veil - Los Angeles - USA

Eighth Veil is a contemporary art exhibition and publishing house that provides artists with studio space in which they can conceptualize printed mater and closely oversee its production at neighboring partner institution Paper Chase Press. This opportunity is extended to artists exhibiting with Eighth Veil as well as individuals chosen by the gallery, commissioning works on a per project basis. The nature of the works are determined by "an open iconoclastic aesthetic, which has taken shape around personal interests and affinities rather than any set program or label. Projects do not form a canon, but rather resuscitate diverse moments of artistic experimentation"

Website : http://eighthveil.org/


del Mano Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

del Mano Gallery is committed to present to collectors, museums, educators and the general public, the finest contemporary artists working in craft media, with an emphasis on studio turned and sculptured wood, fiber objects and teapot forms. Through gallery exhibitions, off-site art expositions, printed catalogs and on going documentation, we endeavor to expand the boundaries of contemporary artistic practice and increase the exposure of work in this field.

del Mano Gallery was founded by Jan Peters and Raymond Leier in 1973 as an exhibition space for contemporary U.S. artists working in craft media. Over the ensuing years we have widened our representation to artists from 14 nations around the world and focused our efforts on the fields of wood, fiber and mixed media. Five major group exhibitions are mounted each year, along with several one person shows and at least two off-site art expositions.
Ms. Peters & Mr. Leier have authored several books on wood, baskets and glass. In 2001 they were honored by the Collectors of Wood Art organization with "Lifetime Achievement Awards" in the field of Wood Art.

Website : http://www.delmano.com/index.htm


Stephen Cohen Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

The Stephen Cohen Gallery was opened in 1992 and moved to its present location in 1995. Since it's inception, the Gallery has exhibited vintage and contemporary photography and photo-based art from the United States, Europe and South America. The gallery is also able to locate work by photographers not represented by the gallery.

Website : http://www.stephencohengallery.com/


Mark Borghi Fine Art - Los Angeles - USA

Mark Borghi Fine Art specializes in American and European Modern and Contemporary art. The Gallery focuses especially on American Post-War, maintaining a strong inventory with works by many of New York School artists.

Website : http://www.borghi.org/about.php


George Billlis - Los Angeles - USA

After establishing a successful contemporary art gallery in New York, George Billis opened his Los Angeles gallery in 2004. With galleries in Chelsea and Culver City, George Billis Gallery provides a dynamic exchange of contemporary artists between the art centers of New York and Los Angeles.
The gallery shows painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed media works and is dedicated predominantly to exhibiting emerging to mid-career artists with a focus on Southern California artists.

Website : http://www.georgebillis.com/galleryLA.html

FIC123.BE een website met info en cultuur.


Farmani Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

Hossein Farmani established the Farmani Gallery in 2003 as a contemporary photography gallery space to carry on his passion for discovering, collecting and sharing photo-based artworks. The Farmani Gallery is a perfect complement to Hossein Farmani’s many otherphotographic endeavors.
In 2008, the sights were set on taking the gallery to New York and it was settled in the emerging artistic neighborhood of D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn. Continuing the foresight from the gallery space in Los Angeles, Farmani continues to establish its vision in New York. Focusing on an International artistic diversification with programming and artist and making these artworks available for art enthusiast and art collectors.
In 2010 and beyond, Farmani Gallery embraces the changes in the art market and continues the efforts and passion of its owner, Hossein Farmani, to provide insights to emerging tastes and artists, building on cultural cues, and a dedication fine art photography excellence in its artist and for its art patronage.

Website : http://farmanigallery.com/index.html


C4 Contemporary Art - Los Angeles - USA

The gallery was opened in 2008 as a means of diffusion and showing progressive 'pre bubble' contemporary art (including photography, painting, sculpture and sound/film media projects) with an eye to showing fresh visions by mid career artists who aren't a by-product of a cynical commercial art market. It came out of a response to work started appearing in the last fifteen years which contained all the visual signifiers of a 'contemporary art' but which was missing vitality, brilliance, ingenuity an 'presence'.
The gallery was built and formed with an idea in mind. That idea was is to provide an antidote to what was sorely lacking in commercial and public galleries and museuems in Los Angeles in general. In an era where the 'market' has managed to pervert the sensitibilities that previously existed in the best galleries in order to uphold the agenda OF that market and wherein the message, the works and the artist themselves even - become unimportant and even marginalized by the economic system that it created. We are trying something a little bit radical in our response to this - and with it (we hope) also changing the sensibilities of the 'market' itself. Our solution for the overall problem is also trying to create a solution for it's side effects. We make avoilable to the public, to artists, to collectors and other interested parties, cultural andintellectual resources where none would otherwise exist, and where none would otherwise further enable the erosion of the social corpus. To us, this is the most critical tool available in preventing collapse into the 'status quo'. We endeavor also to make high quality art available to the public at hours when it is convenient for THEM, not US (we are open noon until 8 p.m. tuesdays through sundays). For us, this is central to the success of our platform - and also (hopefully) a model which other galleries and museums will soon emulate as well. We look to european centers for our own inspiration along these lines (i.e. - the Centre Georges Pompidou which has traditionally been open nightly unti very late hours).
You will, of course get a much better idea of this by viewing the contents of the exhibition descriptions, but generally speaking we attempt to go to great lengths to help artists, collectors and interested parties bring meaning to their respective worlds. That is to say: to make visual art accessible and fascinating in a world where it's really hard for even the most seasoned savant to make sense of what's going on. We are in the process of setting up practical workshops, lectures and other presentations - please visit the website frequently to keep abreast of what's going on or else subscribe to our mailing list for automatic updates by e-mail.

Website : http://c4gallery.com/index.html


Art Murmur Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

Art Murmur Gallery came together in 2005 as the joint venture of artist/artist representative Leandra Hinrichs and art historian/collector Stephen Kramer. The result of their blended vision is an art space devoted to two main objectives - exhibiting a high level of artistic technique and skill, and creatively communicating the ever-changing position of art in the world, past and present. Thus, the following have emerged as basic tenets of Art Murmur Gallery:
1. Art Murmur is dedicated to showcasing the artwork of Los Angeles' most promising young and emerging contemporary artists.
2. Art Murmur consistently compares and contrasts the sensibility of the local contemporary art scene with other areas of interest in the United States and the world.
3. Art Murmur mounts thematic exhibitions that promote discussion on current issues of interest and concern. Such exhibitions have included social, political, and economic themes, as well as important artistic trends and movements.
4. And lastly, Art Murmur is located in downtown Los Angeles, which is in the midst of exciting urban renewal. Art Murmur is delighted to be among the small group of dedicated businesses that are doing their part to facilitate this revitalization.
Most of all, Art Murmur Gallery remains committed to witnessing and artistically documenting the changing cultural and sociological landscape of Los Angeles as it relates to the increasingly interconnected global community.

Website : http://www.artmurmur.com/index.htm


AndrewShire Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

By 2006 the gallery was hosting ongoing art history and contemporary art survey classes for the Korean-speaking public. The content of these classes ranged from the survey of ancient art and architecture to lectures on conceptualism which emphasized critical issues in postmodern philosophy.
March of 2006 marked another transformation when the gallery established a satellite space in Singapore. In hopes of creating a platform to source and spotlight contemporary art in the region, the gallery anticipates a greater cross-pollination of ideas between east and west. The exhibition program in Singapore begins late in 2007.
Over the past four years since the gallery changed ownership, it has increasingly dedicated its program to the development and exhibition of established artists and to younger local talent. While continuing its international focus by bringing art of the Asian Pacific Basin, Europe and other countries to greater Los Angeles, AndrewShire Gallery remains dedicated to the exhibition of innovative work by up-and-coming art makers. The goal of contributing to the arts information flow and to the public dialog among diverse groups of people by stimulating interaction, appreciation and an exchange of ideas not only helps to maintain the gallery’s financial stability, but also promotes support for public awareness in the arts. Through projects, events and exhibitions, AndrewShire Gallery strives to provide opportunities for the Korean-American community and for other groups of people interested in contemporary art to engage in this interchange. It sustains an interest in making connections between artists and communities that would, otherwise, remain separated from each other.
Located on Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of LA’s Koreatown, AndrewShire Gallery is located one-half block west of Western Avenue at the southeast corner of St. Andrews near the Wiltern Theater.

Website : http://www.andrewshiregallery.com/index.html


Ace Gallery - Los Angeles - USA

Founded in 1961 by the Gallery's current director Douglas Chrismas, ACE GALLERY has a history of installing museum quality exhibitions.

The Gallery's exhibition program balances a selection of emerging and mid-careerartists with artists who have become fully established over the last forty years.

Website : http://www.acegallery.net/live.php

FIC123.BE een website met info en cultuur.


Vaughan Christopher Gallery - Houston - USA

Amy Vaughan King
Gallery owner, Amy Vaughan King has been collecting art for almost a decade. Her love for art began at a young age while traveling with her family and visiting some of the most prominent museums in the world, something that she remains passionate about today. A self-taught art aficionado, Vaughan King has obtained her knowledge of the art industry though experiencing the art market first hand at art auctions world wide and studying the lives and techniques of her favorite artists, including Warhol, Chagall and Picasso.

Ginger Christopher
Wright As a gallery partner, Ginger Christopher Wright’s rich art background is deeply rooted through her immediate family of professional artists and photographers. Prior to opening Vaughan Christopher Gallery, Christopher Wright was Assistant Director at Pascal Robertson Gallery and Department Coordinator of The Department of Art History at Rice University. Christopher Wright has traveled extensively through Europe, Spain and Asia visiting internationally famous museums and noted architectural structures. Ginger has a wide appreciation for a myriad of art genres and artists.

Jay Erdmann
Before joining Vaughan Christopher Gallery, Director, Jay Erdmann lived in Dallas, Texas where, after working as a graphic designer, he joined the Martin Lawrence Gallery. As a life long student of art, the progression to an art gallery came naturally. He served as an art consultant and then director of the MLG Dallas gallery for 5 years before moving his family to Houston to take the job with Vaughan Christopher. Erdmann is a painter and illustrator with a fondness for prints and multiples. His knowledge of all art genres is spectacular, but his specialty is pop, Warhol in particular. Jay’s favorite artists are Basquiat, Hirst, Miro and Warhol.

Website : http://www.vaughanchristopher.com/index.html


Sicardi Gallery - Houston - USA

Established in 1994, Sicardi Gallery’s mission is to facilitate cultural dialogue between Latin America and the United States and Europe. The dialogue takes the form of art, a medium the gallery believes to be a universal language.
To further its mission, the gallery primarily hosts exhibitions of modern and contemporary Latin American art featuring artists who are originally from Latin America or artists who live and work in Latin American countries. The artists range in career development from emerging artists staging their first exhibitions in the United States to acknowledged masters of Latin American art. Among the artists represented are the core members of the Taller Torres Garcia, key Latin American Kinetic/Op artists and Latin American conceptual artists.

Website : http://www.sicardi.com/


The Wall Gallery - Houston - USA

The gallery exhibits a wealth of art, including fine art originals, prints and sculpture. We also have an exceptional staff who can assist collector and novice alike.
Gallery owner Mimi Sperber has created an art gallery which embodies what she terms Urban Eclecticism; pieces which blend artistic elements into a unique creation providing nourishment for today's urban souls. Visit Off The Wall, and experience this unique Urban Eclecticism for yourself.

Website : http://www.offthewallgallery.com/index.htm


Moody Gallery - Houston - USA

Betty Moody opened Moody Gallery in 1975 and exhibits work by contemporary American artists. The emphasis has always been on artists living and working in Texas, as well as artists who have had a strong connection to Texas. The gallery is interested in a wide range of artistic ideas and in showing all media. Many of the artists represented are recognized on a national (and in some cases, international) level; however, the gallery also represents mid-career and emerging artists. The gallery is committed to showing the best work possible from this region and putting the work in context with by established artists from other parts of the country.

Website : http://www.moodygallery.com/index.html


Jack Meier Gallery - Houston - USA

Jack and Martha Meier established Jack Meier Gallery at 2310 Bissonnet in 1973. Since then, Jack Meier Gallery has established itself as one ofHouston's premier fine arts gallery. Located in Houston's MuseumDistrict the gallery represents emerging and established artist with a focus onfigurative & no-objective works. Jack Meier Gallery represents over 40 American Contemporary Artist.
Jack Meier Gallery offers consultation, installation as well as privateviewings by appointment at the gallery or in your home or office. JackMeier Gallery works with designers, corporations and individuals toprovide guidance for choosing the exact piece for your need. The gallery workswith closely with art professionals and can provide other services such asrestoration, appraisal and more.

Website : http://www.jackmeiergallery.com/new-home