Adrian Sassoon - London - United Kingdom

Adrian Sassoon is one of the world's leading art dealers, specialising in the following:
Sèvres Porcelain of the 18th and early 19th Century. Other French and Continental 18th Century Porcelain and Works of Art.
Contemporary Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Metalwork, Wood and Jewellery.
Art Advisor – A client service, buying and selling paintings, furniture and other Works of Art from
the modest to museum-quality.

Website & source : http://www.adriansassoon.com/

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dalla Rosa Gallery - London - United Kingdom

dalla Rosa Gallery presents contemporary works on paper, painting and photography by established and young artists. The gallery is based in Clerkenwell, a lively area of central London also home to an interesting group of contemporary art galleries that feature in the EC1 & WC1 galleries map.

Website & source : http://dallarosagallery.com/home

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ROLLO Contemporary Art - London - United Kingdom

ROLLO Contemporary Art is a commercial gallery located in London W1, which was re-launched in 2008 by Philippa Found. Although a small exhibition space, the gallery has become internationally renowned for its influential critically engaged curated exhibitions. The programme is singular amongst commercial galleries for its focus on women artists and a driving concern to redress the under-representation of women artists. A central philosophy of the gallery is to bring theoretically engaged exhibitions to the commercial gallery space, by reviewing themes in current art practice and dedicating solo exhibitions to significant contemporary artists.

Such projects fusing these concerns include The Body in Women’s Art Now, a three part travelling exhibition curated by Philippa Found, which travelled to the New Hall Art Collection, University of Cambridge, in which many leading British and international artists including Tracey Emin, Cecily Brown, Nathalie Djurberg, Sigalit Landau, Regina Jose Galindo, exhibited alongside cutting edge emerging talents such as Sarah Lederman and Helen Carmel Benigson. Solo exhibitions have included the first London solo exhibition of Guatemalan artist Regina Jose Galindo (winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, 2005) which was acclaimed by art historian and critic Roger Bevan as being "a museum exhibition in a commercial gallery - an exhibition you would expect in the Whitechapel or Serpentine; absolutely exemplary amongst commercial galleries".

Testimony to the strength and focus of the gallery, in 2010, the gallery director and curator, Philippa Found, was invited to be a founding member of the Centre Pompidou Gender and Art board.

Wbsite & source : http://rolloart.com/artists

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ROBILANT+VOENA - London - United Kingdom

Edmondo di Robilant established the Dover Street Gallery in 1989, having previously been a Director of P&D Colnaghi. He has been dealing in Old Master and Nineteenth Century paintings for over twenty years, specializing in the Italian and French schools. Marco Voena, based in Milan for over fifteen years, deals in fine art ranging from Old Masters to Classic Modernism and Contemporary Art. Their London gallery at 1st Floor, 38 Dover Street opened in January 2005. 2011 sees the expansion of the gallery to the 2nd Floor at 38 Dover Street, as well as large new premises in Milan at via Fontana.

Recent critically acclaimed exhibitions at the gallery have included shows on the International Caravaggesque movement, Italian vedute, Antonio Joli and Gaspar van Wittel amongst the Old Masters; as well as studies of Italian mid-twentieth century modernism and shows with American contemporary artists Julian Schnabel, David LaChapelle and Clifford Ross.

ROBILANT+VOENA exhibit regularly at the major international art fairs, including TEFAF Maastricht, the Paris Biennale, MIART, Milan, Florence Biennale, Salon of Art and Design, New York, and Masterpiece, London. In 2012, ROBILANT + VOENA will show at the inaugural Frieze Masters, London.

Over the years, they have worked with numerous important institutional clients who have purchased works of fine art from the gallery, including Tate Britain, the National Gallery of Scotland, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Museo di Capodimonte, Naples, Galleria Sabauda, Torino, Galleria Nazionale, Parma and the Museum of Fine Arts, Nantes. More recently the gallery has sold works to the National Museum, Stockholm, the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum, New York, and the National Gallery of Victoria.

ROBILANT + VOENA offer their clients over forty years experience on the international art market, considerable scholarly expertise and a fully comprehensive service helping both private and institutional clients build and develop their art collections.

Website & source : http://www.robilantvoena.com/slideshow

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Anthony Reynolds Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Anthony Reynolds Gallery was established in a large space on the edge of the City of London in 1985. The gallery moved to the West End in 1990 and the current building in Great Marlborough Street was opened in 2002. The building has a unique character that reflects the singularity of our standpoint.
There are 24 artists represented exclusively by the gallery and works by over 250 artists have been presented in around 190 exhibitions over the past 26 years.
Anthony Reynolds Gallery is best known for the discovery of exceptional young artists and the development of their careers over the long term and we have also focussed on the work of true independents of all generations, in all media. We see our 'home' as a source, where individual artists and individual works can be discovered, investigated, nurtured and then placed. We work closely with major museums and non-commercial institutions in developing long-term critical appreciation of the work of our artists. The only guiding principles in selecting an artist have been an instinctive conviction about the importance or potential of their work and a perception that within their chosen field of endeavour they are leading the field. Thus there is no stylistic or generational thread running through the programme but strong elements of surprise, independence and aesthetic and intellectual stimulation. Many of the artists were first exhibited in this gallery and have since gone on to become major figures in the international arena. 

Website & source :  http://www.anthonyreynolds.com/home.htm

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Quantum Contemporary Art - London - Unted Kingdom

Quantum Contemporary Art was established in 1997 by Johnny Gorman. We specialise in figurative painting and drawing. The gallery is based in an old Victorian laundry in Battersea. The Laundry was converted into showrooms in the mid 80s and now houses furniture makers, rug designers, landscape architects, Italian glass manufacturers and bespoke kitchen designers.

Website & source : http://www.quantumart.co.uk/introduction/

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Pyms Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Pyms Gallery was established in 1975. From its inception its founders, Alan and Mary Hobart set exacting standards in the research, presentation and intrinsic quality of the works of art which have passed through their hands.

They have been widely recognised as specialists in the field of late nineteenth and early twentieth century British, French and Irish Art, although more recently they have measurably concentrated their expertise in the work of the old masters and in twentieth century European art.

They have acted on behalf of major museums and works which they have acquired for clients are frequently in demand for international exhibitions.

In its nineteenth century premises in Mount Street, Mayfair, the gallery maintains an elegant, yet convivial ambience in which pictures can be viewed and discussed in a friendly and informed way.

Website & source : http://www.pymsgallery.com/

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Prenelle Gallery - London - United Kingom

The Prenelle Gallery is a new contemporary art gallery that opened in March 2002. The gallery is housed in a 130ft Dutch Barge, which was built in 1931, carrying sand and gravel along the European waterways until two years ago when the conversion commenced in Holland.

The gallery is the only floating contemporary art gallery in London. It possesses unusual qualities in light, ambient sound and movement. Although moored most of the time, its ability to sail through the city creates a dramatic and uniquely changing relationship with its environment. The main internal gallery space occupies 1400 sq ft of the converted cargo hold. Our external sculpture deck offers one of the largest and most visible venues for sculpture, installation and public art in London, outside the main public galleries.

The gallery shows; painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography. We aim to create a dynamic centre for the arts in Canary Wharf.

The gallery presents an exciting program of 6-8 week exhibitions showing work by both emerging and established artists.

Website & source : http://www.prenelle.co.uk/index.html

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Poussin Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Poussin Gallery is primarily concerned with the furtherance and promotion of abstract visual art, of a kind which demonstrates an understanding of its links to art history, without resort to nostalgia or mannerism. Our specialism is in British abstract painting from the Seventies, but we exhibit work from the Sixties onwards to the present day, including new work by artists seeking to extend the disciplines of abstract painting and sculpture.

Modernism and abstraction have given rise to paintings and sculptures of great and grand simplicity, the best of which may nevertheless be thought of as continuing to embody the same complex structural realities of the physical world that we recognise in the great works of figurative art. Indeed, in order for abstract art to fully convince us of the ‘reality’ of its form, we may need to be subtly and unconsciously persuaded that it goes about its business by the same principles that we instinctively understand to pertain to the real world. To many people, abstraction denotes a pared-down geometry, or some kind of idealised absolutism. But what if the forms and relationships that the artist wants to pursue are more complicated and imaginative than that, even though abstract? They must at least be partially created before they can be conceived - somehow conjured out of the medium itself before any conscious recognition by the artist. This engagement with material simultaneously with, or even instead of, the formation of ideas, continues to be central to the methodology of abstraction. Lucid and simple abstract art can result from a protracted involvement with the complex issues of the artist’s chosen materials, under the sway of an intense imaginative effort. Such an engagement can achieve simplicity by the robustness of its form and the deftness with which our attentions are focused.

Abstract painting and sculpture at this moment in time can not only be as simple or as complex as the imperative of the individual artist‘s sensibility demands, but are also able to pursue total formal and spatial freedom of expression. Paintings and sculptures which are impassioned by urgent and real formal and spatial values (but not a desiccated formalism!) have connections with and are comparable to all other such works. Making these comparisons is crucial to seeing art more objectively, but it also helps to open up new imaginative territory for ourselves. Making and looking at abstract art are neither disengaged nor esoteric activities; they connect us more securely with the real world.


Post Box Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Post Box Gallery is a private gallery, based in London.
Housed in the same building as Phillips de Pury, Tom Ford and Marc Newson, Post Box Gallery specializes in top quality contemporary art works.
Founded by James Pyner and Gerardo Contreras in 2008, Post Box Gallery is committed to providing private collectors with exposure to both emerging and established contemporary artists’ practices. With a passion for considered art placement and international private sales, Post Box Gallery maintains maximum discretion and confidentiality at all times.
Website & source : http://www.postboxgallery.com/


Plus One Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Plus One Gallery focuses on contemporary figurative, trompe l'oeil and hyperrealist oil and acrylic paintings. The gallery also exhibits contemporary decorative bronze sculpture, drawings and mix media works by the most renowned artists in the field of hyperrealism including but not limited to the acclaimed artists Ben Johnson and Pedro Campos, as well as New York based Cesar Santander and Ben Schonzeit. We are also proud to represent three winners of the prestigious BP Portrait Award; Craig Wylie, Andrew Tift and Philip Harris.
 Plus One Gallery is dedicated to the development and promotion of British and international contemporary hyperrealist art, having published three books on the topic. April 2009 saw the launch of our book ‘Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today’ published by Thames and Hudson and Plus One Publishing. Written by John Russell Taylor and edited by Plus One Gallery director Maggie Bollaert the book celebrates the variety of subject and perspective in photorealist art today. The previous two books focused on the hyperrealist art by architect-turned-artist Carl Laubin and British painter John Salt respectively.

Holding around six contemporary exhibitions each year in the main gallery we run an innovative and eclectic exhibition programme featuring hyperrealism art from all major themes in both traditional and modern variations: portrait/human, urban/landscape and still life – the result of which is a wide selection of motifs to suit the most discerning of art collectors.

Whether you are looking for a colourful vibrant culinary still life, a beach scene, the London skyline, a nude study or a perfect rendition of a vintage car or even that of a retro toy, you will find it with us, amongst our diverse range of contemporary hyperrealist art.

Representing over fifty leading realist painters and sculptors, the gallery exhibits established names from the foundation days of hyperrealism including John Salt and Ralph Goings as well as talented emerging artists of the modern generation such as Tom Martin.


Pierre Spake - London - United Kingdom

Pierre Spake specialises in 19th century photography, with diversions into the 20th and 21st centuries. He concentrates on travel, exploration, portraiture and the historical. He also deals in manuscripts, works on paper and curious and esoteric antique objects of all ages. His focus is on the historical and items of individual expression. A life-size wax model of a foetus, the preserved body of the smallest bull terrier ever bred, housed in its original Victorian glass dome, and a pardon from deportation signed by Queen Victoria for a 9 year old girl for example.

Website & source : http://www.pierrespake.com/

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Guy Peppiatt Fine Art - London - United Kingdom

Guy Peppiatt started his working life at Dulwich Picture Gallery before joining Sotheby's British Pictures department in 1993. He soon specialised in early British drawings and watercolours and took over the running of Sotheby's Topographical sales. Topographical views whether they be of Britain or worldwide have remained an abiding interest. Guy left Sotheby's in early 2004 and now works from a ground floor gallery in Mason's Yard, St. James's.

He has a number of exhibition of early drawings and watercolours in the gallery, as well as exhibiting at fairs. He also advises clients on their collections, buys and sells on their behalf and can provide insurance valuations.

Website & source : http://www.peppiattfineart.co.uk/index.php

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October Gallery - London - United Kingdom

October Gallery has been instrumental in bringing to worldwide attention many of the world’s leading international artists, including El Anatsui, Rachid Koraïchi, Romuald Hazoumè, Nnenna Okore, Laila Shawa and Kenji Yoshida. The Gallery promotes the Transvangarde, the very best in contemporary art from around the planet, as well as maintaining a cultural hub in central London for poets, writers, intellectuals and artists, and hosts talks, performances and seminars.

 The rich diversity of art presented is an inspiration to collectors and enthusiasts. Institutions such as the British Museum, London; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, Germany; Neue Galerie, Kassel, Germany; Setagagya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan have all collected works from October Gallery.

Founded in 1979, October Gallery is a charitable trust which is supported by sales of art, rental of the Gallery's unique facilities, grants from various funding bodies and the active support of dedicated artists, musicians, writers and many friends from around the world. The Gallery’s Education Department is inclusive of all ages from under 5’s to PGCE student and delivers a wide range of provision.

Website & source : http://www.octobergallery.co.uk/index.shtml

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Northcote Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Northcote Gallery is a London art gallery specialising in modern British and International contemporary paintings and sculpture.

Website & source : http://www.northcotegallery.com/

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Peter Nahum At The Leicester Galleries - London - United Kingdom

Peter Nahum At The Leicester Galleries specialises in 19th and 20th century paintings, drawings and sculpture; in particular quality Victorian paintings, the Pre-Raphaelites, The Liverpool and Birmingham Schools including artists working in egg tempera, the New Sculpture and the European Symbolists.

The Leicester Galleries holds a wide variety of Modern British works including works by David Bomberg, Cecil Collins, Merlyn Evans, Terry Frost, Barbara Hepworth, Augustus John, Paul Nash, Ben Nicholson, Victor Pasmore, Michael Rothenstein and John Tunnard.

Also works by international artists including works by Julio González, Man Ray, Eugène Jansson, Eugene Carriere, Leon Frederic, Carlos Schawbe, Antonio Mancini and Jan Wynants

Peter Nahum At The Leicester Galleries was formed in 1984 on the experience of seventeen years at Sotheby's. The gallery has a simple buying policy, based on two questions: Is the work good enough? and Can we afford it?

We also sell on behalf of private collectors.

The policy of the gallery is to buy top, museum quality works of art for what we consider to be, taking the market overall into consideration, a reasonable price. (The price we pay may be a world record for the artist). In general, this means that we buy against the market, over a wide range of dates and styles, but always looking for more than the merely decorative.

Since becoming a member of the Art and Antiques market in 1966, Peter Nahum has seen many recessions and subsequent booms. The one message that clearly comes through is that top quality artworks, bought at the right price, never let their owner down. The price will, of course, be affected by market changes but, unlike fashionable works bought at the top of a boom market, the prices of correctly purchased paintings do not suffer extreme downward swings.

The policy of this gallery is to buy for the long term and, if necessary, to hold our works of art for many years. In this respect we act like our collectors. We believe that works of art will retain and increase their values, as quality becomes rarer. From a collector’s point of view, the greatest sin this gallery has perpetuated is to sell a good number of works to Museums and Art Galleries and therefore to remove them from their reach forever.

Website & source : http://www.leicestergalleries.com/

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Sara Pearce - London - United Kingdom

Sara Pearce specialises in promoting the work of contemporary artists from all over the world. A special area of interest is in Italian designers.

Sara Pearce also works closely with private & corporate art collectors, interior designers, landscape gardeners and architects to supply exciting contemporary art to sites in need.

Website & source : http://www.sarapearce.co.uk/index.htm

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Richard Saltoun - London - United Kingdom

Richard Saltoun is a London-based gallery that specialises in post-war and contemporary art. With a special emphasis on works from the 1970s, the gallery seeks to re-establish and promote artists working during the period. Since its foundation in 2008, Richard Saltoun has organised both solo and group exhibitions and published a number of volumes on British conceptualism through the publishers Ridinghouse.

Website & source : http://www.richardsaltoun.com/home/

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Richard Nagy - London - United Kingdom

Richard Nagy has been dealing independently since 1980. He started the Dover Street Gallery in 1989.

Richard Nagy has specialised in the work of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt since 1984. The gallery also handles German Expressionism: Die Bruecke, and in particular Die Neue Sachlichkeit, as well as more recent British artists of a related sensibility like Spencer, Bacon and Freud. In addition, Symbolist artists such as Redon, Ensor and Kubin, are frequently available. The gallery also handles masters of modernist canons.

Website & source : http://www.richardnagy.com/

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Sarah Myerscough Fine Art - London - United Kingdom

Sarah Myerscough Fine Art was established in London’s West End in 1998 as a space for both emerging and established British artists. The gallery exhibits a range of painting, photography, and contemporary craft and design with the aim of encouraging innovation and cutting edge vitality, as well as a strong emphasis on distinguished technical skill and artistic integrity in contemporary art. Through a programme of solo and curated group exhibitions, the gallery aims to present the public with a diversity of artists whose work exemplifies the above skills and qualities, establishing the space as a context for progressive contemporary art that is also aesthetically admirable. The gallery continues to find fresh talent from leading British art schools as well as supporting and developing the international careers of the gallery’s more established artists.

Website & source : http://www.sarahmyerscough.com/

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