Prenelle Gallery - London - United Kingom

The Prenelle Gallery is a new contemporary art gallery that opened in March 2002. The gallery is housed in a 130ft Dutch Barge, which was built in 1931, carrying sand and gravel along the European waterways until two years ago when the conversion commenced in Holland.

The gallery is the only floating contemporary art gallery in London. It possesses unusual qualities in light, ambient sound and movement. Although moored most of the time, its ability to sail through the city creates a dramatic and uniquely changing relationship with its environment. The main internal gallery space occupies 1400 sq ft of the converted cargo hold. Our external sculpture deck offers one of the largest and most visible venues for sculpture, installation and public art in London, outside the main public galleries.

The gallery shows; painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography. We aim to create a dynamic centre for the arts in Canary Wharf.

The gallery presents an exciting program of 6-8 week exhibitions showing work by both emerging and established artists.

Website & source : http://www.prenelle.co.uk/index.html

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