Gallery Benoit - Boston - USA

Gallery Benoit represents emerging to established international artists specializing in oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, works on paper, photography, video installations and sculpture.

Website : http://www.gallerybenoit.com/


Huff Harrington Fine Art - Atlanta - USA

What happens when two committed Francophiles and art lovers get together over a bottle of red wine? A fine arts gallery with a little je ne sais quoi is born.
Huff Harrington Fine Art, Ltd. is the collaboration of two Atlanta women, Ann Huff and Meg Harrington. Prior to establishing our joint gallery, we separately represented more than 20 American and European artists. For several years, we actively and successfully sold fine art privately in metro Atlanta. Over the years, we became friends and fans of each other’s work. It was a natural progression to merge our businesses and open a retail gallery.
Next came the task of finding gallery space. We were delighted to find our cottage, located in Atlanta’s busy Buckhead neighborhood. With plenty of wall space, excellent lighting and homey feel, we knew the cottage was perfect and in keeping with our philosophy of selling art in a comfortable, homey and friendly environment.
Over the years, we’ve found that our taste in art has connected well with that of our clients. We feel strongly that one of our goals at Huff Harrington Fine Art, Ltd. is to responsibly help our clients begin or expand their collection of art from established and emerging artists. Part of that responsibility is to represent reputable artists whom we know and like, and to offer original art that is unique, enjoyable and attainable.
Likewise, we are deeply committed to promoting and growing with our artists. Our wide repertoire includes local, regional and out-of-state artists, and several French painters whom we’ve gotten to know and respect over the course of many extended trips to Provence. Our finely selected art ranges from traditional, impressionistic paintings to modern, abstract work. In fact, we like to think there’s something at this gallery to suit every art lover's taste.

Website : http://www.huffharrington.com/home.html


Sandler Hudson Gallery - Atlanta - USA

Sandler Hudson Gallery opened in 1989 featuring the work of contemporary artists from the Southeastern region. Over the past twenty years the gallery has continued its commitment to exhibiting provocative work in all media, by emerging and established artists nationwide.
The gallery has three exhibition spaces; one for large-scale two dimensional work, one smaller room for showing work that is more intimate and another for sculpture. The sculpture space is on the rooftop of the gallery with dramatic views of Atlanta's skyline.
The gallery changes exhibtions every six weeks, usually showing the work of two to three artists.Sandler Hudson Gallery provides sculpture advisory services to developers and corporate clients. In the Fall of 2008, Sandler Hudson was instrumental in the placement of Atlanta's only large-scale outdoor work by renowned artist, Frank Stella in the prestigious, commercial development, "The Streets of Buckhead."Sandler Hudson also provides client services including placement, installation and cataloging of your collectionThe gallery is located in the historic Westside district of Atlanta's Midtown area.

Website : http://www.sandlerhudson.com/


Mason Murer Fine Art - Atlanta - USA

Mason Murer Fine Art was opened in May of 2004 by gallery owner Mark Mason Karelson and art collector Glenn Murer. The two businessmen had been developing a relationship over the years: Karelson owned The Modern Primitive Gallery in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood, and Murer, a developer and entrepreneur, was a frequent customer.
At Modern Primitive, the focus had long been on folk and outsider art, but the two men shared an interest in emerging artists. Karelson had begun showing more contemporary work, broadening the scope of his roster, and Murer was collecting the works of local talent. They frequently discussed launching a new gallery space that would allow for a wide range of discipline and content, from the commercial to the experimental, and the opportunity came when one of Glenn Murer's large commercial properties became available.
The 24,000 square foot space on Armour Drive was a bit off the beaten path, but it was convenient to the concentration of interior design businesses in the area, and large enough to accommodate several galleries, or possibly even a mix of exhibition spaces, artist studios, and food service. Karelson and Murer met with architect Amy Landesberg to discuss the possibilities. Eventually, it became clear that the only way to proceed was to create a single massive gallery space unlike anything else in the Southeast. The challenge then became how to best convert the unstructured industrial space into a venue that allowed for the display of painting, sculpture, and photography without overwhelming the viewer.
Landesberg decided that the large uninterrupted interior of the building needed to be subdivided into small, intimate spaces that would allow for the exhibition of small format works as well as larger paintings, sculpture, and installation pieces. Instead of carving the space into a warren of rooms and hallways, the final design called for a series of freestanding pods, each creating a semi-enclosed gallery within the gallery. These white roofless structures vary in size, shape, and height, creating the illusion of a minimalist walled city arranged around a central plaza, which constitutes the main gallery. This allows for the staging of multiple shows at the same time. The pods also feature carefully aligned portals, creating intriguing lines of sight, allowing a viewer in the main gallery a glimpse of several exhibits simultaneously.
Mason Murer Fine Art has become an art and special event destination, hosting several exhibitions a year and showcasing a wide range of work from the Southeast and around the world. Its unique interior has made the gallery an in-demand venue for corporate parties, non-profit fundraisers, and cultural events.

Website : http://www.masonmurer.com/index.htm


Solomon Projects - Atlanta - USA

Solomon Projects is Atlanta's platform for diverse media in the contemporary arts. Following the 2004 inception it has evolved into an elemental part of the immediate community. Reaching even outside of the city, the gallery has harbored a reputation within the creative sector as an institution that attracts inspired, conceptually formidable work. Solomon Projects aims to excite contemplation and dialogue, and to engage an audience broad in scope.
Solomon Projects establishes primary relationships with its artists and promotes their work nationally. Artist Radcliffe Bailey's major mid-career exhibition Memory as Medicine will debut at the High Museum of Art from June 28 - September 11, 2011. Nancy Floyd will participate in a major exhibition entitled Heroines at the Museo Thyseen-Bornemisza in Madrid presenting from March 8 - June 5, 2011. Ridley Howard's first monograph of his paintings and drawings was published this spring by Leo Koeing Inc., forwarded with an essay by David Coggins. Artist and critic David Humphrey is a 2008 recipient of the Rome Prize, currently a Senior Critic at the Yale School of Art and will be a Resident Fellow at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at The University of Georgia during the Spring of 2011. Leslie Wayne's exhibition One Big Love will be presented by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, South Carolina from May 27 - July 31 2011. Douglas Weathersby is actualizing a project supported by Flux Projects of Atlanta, Georgia this fall.
Gallery artists are: Steve Aishman, Radcliffe Bailey, Karen Rich Beall, Janet Biggs, Claire Corey, Holly Coulis, Nancy Floyd, Susan Hadorn, Sarah Hobbs, Ridley Howard, David Humphrey, Jerald Ieans, Scott Ingram, Carter Kustera, Drew Lowenstein, Odili Donald Odita, Joseph Peragine, Kathryn Refi, John Daniel Walsh, Joe Walters, Leslie Wayne, Douglas Weathersby and Mike Wsol.
Reinvented in 2001 by architects David Yocum and Brian Bell of the Atlanta firm Bldgs, the gallery space serves to aid the artists' personal visions—- an enhancer, a context. With a white coffered tall ceiling and a skylight, the main exhibition space empowers and supports experimentation, allowing for larger scale works and video installations. Exhibitions run for five to six weeks and the gallery maintains a complete inventory of work available for acquisition. Solomon Projects's comprehensive web site, www.solomonprojects.com, provides access to a growing national and international audience facilitating a discourse between the gallery and the public.

Website : http://www.solomonprojects.com/index.html


Lowe Art Gallery - Atlanta - USA

Under the ownership and direction of Bill Lowe, Bill Lowe Gallery represents artists who share powerful and eloquent visions supported by a highly advanced mastery of their media. The Lowe's stable is noted for the visceral emotional quality and the sheer physicality of its work. These qualities lend a highly theatrical flavor to the gallery's offering.
Imagistically, the gallery's scope ranges from complex, narratively-driven, figurative works to those which skew to the extremes of meditative minimalism. Thematically, the gallery's aesthetic is characterized by a metaphysical yearning articulated by process and imagery which is strongly psycho-spiritual and psycho-sexual in nature.
Bill Lowe Gallery maintains an accelerated exhibition schedule which features three one-person shows per month. Typically, the gallery will juxtapose an internationally renowned artist in its grand salon with a mid-career and emerging artist in adjoining galleries. Each show features strong elements of sculpture, painting and drawing.
Bill Lowe Gallery has gained an international reputation for its curatorial skills. Committed to a standard of excellence amplified by great visual drama, the gallery's ability to mount exhibitions which resonate powerfully with critics and viewers alike has become legend.
In 2002, Bill Lowe Gallery expanded to the West Coast with a spectacular second gallery located in Santa Monica, California. Modeled after the Atlanta gallery, the Santa Monica venue offers the same rich configuration of style and content long associated with our vision. Both galleries have become the scene of a diverse and potent array of special events that have helped forge a deeper, broader culture around Bill Lowe Gallery. These include special fundraisers for organizations ranging from The Elton John AIDS Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation, and Camp Sunshine to more personal events such as the "post-party" for Neil Young's recent film. The Santa Monica gallery provides a bi-coastal perspective to the gallery's long-term plans which include a third gallery in New York.
In August 2008, Bill Lowe moved his legendary art gallery to a new, 13,000 square foot, two story space at Two Peachtree Pointe in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. The multi- level Bill Lowe Gallery features architecturally provocative design elements including 18-foot high loft style cement ceilings, interior catwalks, mezzanines and bridges.

Website : http://lowegallery.com/gallery/default.htm


Kiang Gallery - Atlanta - USA

KIANG GALLERY was established in 1992 and continues a challenging exhibition program of contemporary works in all media: painting, drawing, contemporary photography, sculpture, digital media, including a long standing commitment to Chinese contemporary art and Chinese photography, by emerging and mid-career artists. In September 2007, Kiang Gallery reopened in a completely renovated new space in Atlanta's booming Westside. Exhibitions run to five weeks and the gallery maintains a complete inventory of work available for acquisition. Kiang's defining aesthetic, as well as the gallery's conceptual orientation, reflect a high regard for cross-cultural discourse and non-liner perception.

Website : http://www.kiang-gallery.com/exhibitions/index.html


Ann Irwin Fine Art - Atlanta - USA

Artists and collectors alike are drawn to Anne Irwin Fine Art, the premier destination for emerging and established Southern art. Part of the allure is due to Anne Irwin being an artist herself, her medium being based in graphic design. A creative mind, Anne established Anne Irwin Fine Art in 1985, setting out to illuminate emerging regional artists. Anne worked as an agent for these artists as well, engaging other galleries around the nation to more closely examine the undiscovered talents of the day. Her eye for excellence paid off, and now many of those artists have work hanging in some of the country’s most coveted galleries, including Anne’s own fine art gallery on Bennett Street in Buckhead.
More than 20 years later, Anne Irwin Fine Art is thriving with creative energy and artistic pursuits. Anne Irwin edits judiciously when selecting works for her space, representing a lively mix of more than 30 premier contemporary artists from as close by as Atlanta and as far away as California and Canada. The gallerist travels to the West Coast and New York scouting new talents, seeking the perfect artists to introduce to the South. Anne regularly takes her staff on educational art trips, ensuring that they have much to offer her collectors and artists in both knowledge and understanding.
Anne Irwin Fine Art offers extensive knowledge, training and experience in selecting just the right artists to suit the tastes of individuals, businesses and corporations at every level. Irwin’s personal philosophy is that art is very powerful and, when displayed, has the ability to either uplift or depress the spirit. It is her goal to uplift the surroundings of the collector with meaningful art painted by dedicated artists. Irwin is an approachable gallerist, and her gallery is one of the most highly regarded destinations for collecting fine art in Atlanta.

Website : http://www.anneirwinfineart.com/


Get This! Gallery - Atlanta - USA

Get This! Gallery is located in the West-Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta, Ga. It's owned and operated by Lloyd Benjamin, a self-taught artist who moved to Atlanta in 2002 to pursue his own fine art career. After seeing that Atlanta's art scene was operating on a national level, he opened the gallery to create a forum for emerging contemporary artists from around the country. The gallery offers artists up 800 square feet of exhibition space.

Website : http://getthisgallery.com/


Gertsev Gallery - Atlanta - USA

Gallery was established in 1996 and it has magnificent collections of modern Russian and foreign painting.
Now collection contains more than 2000 works. Among painters are Nalbi, Kaspars Zarins, Oleg, Kako Topuriya, Gia Gugushvilli, Ieva Iltnere, Konstantin Sutyagin, Natalya Zaloznaya, Gogi Chagelishvilli, Patrick Heron, Gary Hume, Antoni Tapies, Dietrich Klinge, Joan Hernandez Pijuan, and Christine McArthur. Except exhibitions, gallery realizes different educational projects representing contemporary art for Russian public. Gallery participates in such world art fairs as Art-London, Art-Stougcholm, East ART Kunsthandel, Art-Maneg, Art Salon.
Our US location is in Buckhead, a historical, cultural center in the heart of Atlanta, state Georgia. This young gallery is our attempt to create a cultural link between USA and Russia, and to introduce the inner worlds of Russia’s contemporary artists to the American viewer.

Website : http://www.gertsevgallery.ru/atlanta/gallery/gallery.html


Lagerquist Gallery - Atlanta - USA

Established in 1971, Lagerquist Gallery is Atlanta's oldest continually owned and operated gallery dealing in original fine art.
For over 39 years Lagerquist Gallery has represented emerging and established artists from the United States as well as Europe. The gallery currently represents over 50 professional artists.
Evelyn Lagerquist and Kay Lagerquist Bragg have been in their present location for the past 30 years.
The gallery's contemporary collection of work includes a variety of styles and techniques from abstract to representational as well as transitional paintings and dimensional work.
Lagerquist Gallery has secured a remarkable reputation for showcasing exceptional artwork and providing excellent service to our long time private and corporate patrons as well as the novice collector.
Lagerquist Gallery is located in the heart of Buckhead's prestigious West Village shopping district.

Website : http://www.lagerquistgallery.net/index.html


Fay Gold Gallery - Atlanta - USA

Since 1980, Fay has run one of the most prestigious contemporary art spaces in Atlanta. In her early days, she convinced controversial superstars like Cindy Sherman, Andres Serrano, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jean-Michel Basquiat to exhibit at her gallery. This Grande dame of the art world put Atlanta on the national radar. She keeps a fascinating roster of new talent in the mix.
She has had major profiles in Atlanta Magazine, Art& Antiques, Business to Business, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Jewish Life, Peachtree Magazine, Atlanta Life and Home and Art News. Her corporate clients include Coca-Cola USA, Greenberg Traurig, John Weiland Homes, Scientific Atlanta, Selig Enterprises, AR Weeks Realty, Portman Properties, Ackerman and Co., Arnall, Golden and Gregory, Bank of America, Bellsouth Corp, Equifax, Vesmark, Barry Real Estate, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Parkside Village for Advanced Living, Intercontinental Hotels as well as a multitude of private collectors.
She has served on the board of Art Papers, The Atlanta College of Art, The National Black Arts Festival, and the International Women's Forum and is a graduate of the Leadership Atlanta Clad dos 2004.
She has exhibited her artists at the Armory Show in New York, the Basel Art Fair in Switzerland, ARCO in Spain, and FIAC in Paris as well as art fairs in Chicago, Seattle, London, San Francisco and Miami.
She is featured in Who's who in American Art and since 1982, Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, Joyce Tenneson and McDermott and McGoff have photographed her.
She was given the first Big Thinker award by the Brain Injury Association of Georgia, the "Creating Pride" award, the "Diva for Life" award by Atlanta Women's Magazine and the "Living Arts" award by Israel Bonds. She has lectured at Universities around the country and is currently writing a book entitled Basquiat's Cat.
Fay Gold was born in Greenville, SC and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA from Adelphi University and moved to Atlanta in 1966 where she taught in her own art school for 15 years before opening her gallery.

Website : http://www.faygoldgallery.com/


Alan Avery Art Company - Atlanta - USA

Established in 1981, Alan Avery Art Company is a progressive, trend-setting art gallery of national reputation that constantly pushes the edge in contemporary painting, sculpture and photography.
Housed in a two-story, 7,500 square foot building that was once Buckhead's grand Rue de Paris restaurant, the gallery exclusively represents over 70 artists comprising three levels: emerging, mid and advanced career. Alan Avery Art Company also features a Corporate division to assist businesses of all sizes with their art needs. We are equipped to oversee all aspects of a project, from concept to installation.
Alan Avery Art Company believes Atlanta is the southeast's center of cultural and artistic activity. Atlanta, the magnet in this region for creative people and innovative ideas, is alive with art. Alan Avery Art Company's ambition is to remain at the cutting edge in presenting art, while making a major contribution to art education and art appreciation in the community. Alan Avery Art Company constantly searches for artists whose goal is not to reinvent techniques, but to push their techniques, surface and mediums to their limits. "An artist’s work should take the viewer to a place that he can not go on his own. It should not merely restate the obvious. Any artist should know the classical rules of line, perspective, composition and color. Alan Avery Art Company looks for artists who venture beyond these limits to convey a piece of their inner selves--a piece of their souls," says owner Alan Avery.

Website : http://www.alanaveryartcompany.com/


Emily Amy Gallery - Atlanta - USA

Emily Amy Gallery is a new contemporary fine art gallery located in Atlanta, Georgia. The gallery exhibits a broad spectrum of art that is conceptually significant and visually stimulating, with a focus on works that recall mid-twentieth century modern masters.
The gallery represents twenty highly refined emerging, mid-career, and established artists from across the country to accommodate the needs of new collectors and seasoned art buyers alike. The artists work in a variety of media, including oil, acrylic, mixed media, and collage. A combination of solo and group exhibitions, along with an eclectic, rotating inventory, enable collectors to regularly view new work and learn about ever-changing trends.
The gallery is located in the Brickworks community in the up-and-coming design district on the Westside of Atlanta. The unique 3000 sq. ft. exhibition space, which contains concrete floors, exposed brick, high ceilings, and an abundance of natural light, serves as a calm and quiet backdrop to the art. Formerly a brick factory, and later a furniture warehouse, the space retains all the charm of its roots.
Under the leadership of Emily Kirksey Amy, the gallery strives to become one of the leading contemporary galleries in the Southeast. In her role as owner and director, Emily acts as an adviser to artists and clientèle, drawing upon her significant experience as director of one of Atlanta’s longest-standing galleries and her extensive education in the United States and abroad in art history and the fine arts. Emily’s warm and welcoming personality will make you feel right at home at Emily Amy Gallery.

Website : http://www.emilyamygallery.com/


Galerie Jamileh Weber - Zürich - SUI

Jamileh Weber opened her gallery in Zurich in 1974. At that time a group of young artists was emerging in Zurich who were making personal, complex, narrative statements at a time when critical attention addressed itself, for the most part, to "mainstream art" (including "minimalism", "color-field", "pop", and impersonal art). It was this very exciting, local phenomenon in Zurich that prompted Jamileh Weber to become involved with living artists. By 1980, she had established a stable of artists there, such as Mario Comensoli, Manon, Rosina Kuhn or Alex Sadkowsky.

Website : http://www.jamilehweber.com/


Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie - Zürich - SUI

FABIAN & CLAUDE WALTER Galerie was founded in 1986 and is one of the most well known Swiss galleries for contemporary art. In its exhibitions, the gallery presents new tendencies in international contemporary art with an emphasis on painting, sculpture, photography and video.
Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie also specializes in Art Consulting, advising companies and private collectors on perfecting and completing their art collections and placing Art in Public Spaces.

Website : http://www.fabian-claude-walter.com/index.php


Galerie Le Sud - Zürich - SUI

Die Galerie präsentiert zeitgenössische Kunst von Künstlern aus der Schweiz, aus dem Mittelmeerraum, sowie aus Afrika.
Ein zweiter Schwerpunkt liegt in der wechselnden Ausstellung von Objekten, Skulpturen und Tribal art aus Afrika sowie Ozeanien.
In der Galerie le sud können neue Tendenzen afrikanischer Kunst, insbesondere der Malerei bewundert werden. Die Galerie schlägt eine Brücke zum schwarzen Kontinent und bildet einen künstlerischen Fixpunkt für zeitgenössische Afrikanische Kunst sowie auch für Tribal art in Zürich.
Die Galerie zeigt insgesamt eine wechselnde Sammlung von Objekten, Statuen und Masken aus Afrika sowie und Ozeanien.
Der Galerist und Afrikareisende Künstler Ted Gueller, vermittelt der Limmatstadt ein bisschen afrikanisches Lebensgefühl, sowie eine hochinteressante Auswahl an Kunstobjekten, Alltagsgegenständen aus Stammesgebieten, Textilien, sowie Masken wie man sie hier noch selten gesehen hat.
Die Galerie zeigt Ausstellungen junger Künstler, welche einen formalen Bezug zum Thema Afrika haben, darunter auch zum Thema Recycling Art. Junge Künstler mit Potenzial und Ausstrahlungskraft werden in der Galerie in wechselnden Ausstellungen gezeigt. In regelmässigen Abständen sollen hier auch führende Künstler aus der jüngeren Künstlergeneration gezeigt werden. Gleichzeitig behält die Galerie von allen Künstlern einige Bilder am Lager, die auf Wunsch gezeigt werden können.

Gallery le sud presents contemporary art of artists from Switzerland, the Mediterranean and Africa among others. Besides of that we show a great collection of tribal art, objects and sculptures from Africa and the Pacific oceans.
In the gallery le Sud, new tendencies of african art, particularly in the area of painting may be admired. The gallery builds a bridge to the black continent and marks a fixpoint for contemporary african art as well as for tribal art in Zurich. The gallery shows a choice of alternating collections of objects, statues and masks from Africa and Oceania.
The galerist and african travelling artist Ted Gueller connects the Limmatstadt Zürich with the african way of life and brings an exciting selection of objects of art, everyday items from tribal areas, textiles and masks to the city as rarely seen here before.
The gallery shows exhibitions of young artists, who have a formal relation to African topics, among them for example the recycling theme. Young artists with potential and with strong and impressive exhibitions are shown in the gallery in alternating exhibitions. In continuous intervals, also leading artists of the younger generation will be shown. At the same time the gallery holds a stock a few paintings from all artists which can be shown on demand.

Website : http://www.lesud.ch/

FIC123.BE een website met info en cultuur.


Gallery Nicola von Senger - Zürich - SUI

The 2005 created Gallery Nicola von Senger AG aims to attend to its artists personally and in the long term, to build up networks, and to exhibit its artists periodically every two to three years. The closer collaboration between artist and gallery will bring career and work of our artists closer together with clients, curators, and critics - at the gallery at Limmatstrasse as well as at international art fairs. The gallery will connect these parties and act as a place of exchange and inspiration.

Website : http://www.nicolavonsenger.com/e_news.htm


Gallery rahncontemporary - Zürich - SUI

The gallery rahncontemporary was founded in Zurich in April 2008. It is located in the Industrial Quarter near to the Löwenbräu-Area. The gallery represents 10 artists from Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico and Turkey. Special emphasis is to present and promote the artistic work, furthermore to support the production of catalogues. The gallery attaches a high importance to the build-up and establishment of young artists. An international programme will be shown annually in five exhibitions. It contains abstract, figurative and conceptual positions within the media painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and installation.

Website : http://rahncontemporary.com/rahn/


Galerie La Ligne - Zürich - SUI

La Ligne: galerie d’œuvres originales de peinture, de sculpture, de sérigraphies et de multiples.
La galerie La Ligne se situe au cœur du secteur très dynamique et passant de Zürich West. Par son bel et lumineux espace, elle offre une cimaise idéale à nos expositions. La Ligne est l’emblème de notre galerie. Nous exposons des artistes nationaux et internationaux (peintres, sculpteurs).
Si notre choix s‘est porté sur l‘Art concret et construit c’est parce que la peinture est arrivée à l’âge de maturité. L’homme d’aujourd’hui est plus conscient que l’homme d’autrefois, plus intellectuel, plus profond, plus spiritualisé, et cet art montre cette nouvelle attitude, plus simple, plus sévère, plus scientifique. Cet art fait partie de nos besoins sociaux et artistiques. S’établissent alors des rapports avec notre esprit architectural et notre intelligence constructive, notre pleine conscience.
Parallèlement à nos expositions, nous présentons régulièrement dans notre atelier des jeunes artistes.

Website : http://www.galerie-la-ligne.ch/--bienvenue/expositions/index.html


Koetser Gallery - Zürich - SUI

The Koetser Gallery has specialised in fine old masters of the Dutch, Flemish and Italian Schools, since the Koetser brothers went into partnership in London in 1923. The firm expanded when offices were opened in New York, leading to the establishment of worldwide contacts among private collectors and museums throughout the USA. In 1967 the gallery opened at its present location in Zurich, where the resources of the firm are now concentrated. Exhibitions and lectures are annual events and old masters from the Koetser Foundation may be seen in the Zurich Museum. The gallery continues to deal in fine paintings.

Website : http://www.koetsergallery.com/Objects-Highlights-DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=1


Miki Wick Contemporary Art - Zürich - SUI

Miki Wick Kim Contemporary Art offers expert art advisory services with a special focus on, but not limited to, contemporary Korean artists. Our services include art research, art search and acquisition, art handling and collection development and management.
We also provide services for art events, exhibition development and curatorial projects.
With over 10 years of experience in our field and with a proven track record, we have a profound knowledge in our specialization. We deliver our services in a highly individualized framework to provide expert guidance in fulfilling the client’s needs and goals. We are an independent platform and work with top emerging and established artists regardless of whether they are represented by our gallery or not. Our commitment is to the total fulfillment of our clients’ objectives.

Website : http://www.mikiwickkim.com/home.php?l=en&s=gal