Ann Irwin Fine Art - Atlanta - USA

Artists and collectors alike are drawn to Anne Irwin Fine Art, the premier destination for emerging and established Southern art. Part of the allure is due to Anne Irwin being an artist herself, her medium being based in graphic design. A creative mind, Anne established Anne Irwin Fine Art in 1985, setting out to illuminate emerging regional artists. Anne worked as an agent for these artists as well, engaging other galleries around the nation to more closely examine the undiscovered talents of the day. Her eye for excellence paid off, and now many of those artists have work hanging in some of the country’s most coveted galleries, including Anne’s own fine art gallery on Bennett Street in Buckhead.
More than 20 years later, Anne Irwin Fine Art is thriving with creative energy and artistic pursuits. Anne Irwin edits judiciously when selecting works for her space, representing a lively mix of more than 30 premier contemporary artists from as close by as Atlanta and as far away as California and Canada. The gallerist travels to the West Coast and New York scouting new talents, seeking the perfect artists to introduce to the South. Anne regularly takes her staff on educational art trips, ensuring that they have much to offer her collectors and artists in both knowledge and understanding.
Anne Irwin Fine Art offers extensive knowledge, training and experience in selecting just the right artists to suit the tastes of individuals, businesses and corporations at every level. Irwin’s personal philosophy is that art is very powerful and, when displayed, has the ability to either uplift or depress the spirit. It is her goal to uplift the surroundings of the collector with meaningful art painted by dedicated artists. Irwin is an approachable gallerist, and her gallery is one of the most highly regarded destinations for collecting fine art in Atlanta.

Website : http://www.anneirwinfineart.com/