Oliver Contemporary - London - U.K.

Oliver Contemporary is situated overlooking Wandsworth Common and brings together newand established contemporary artists and sculptors working with the Modern British tradition.

Website : http://www.oliverart.co.uk/


Olyvia Fine Art - London - U.K.

Olivia Fine Art, formerly Olyvia Oriental, was founded in 2005 by Olyvia Kwok, and quickly established itself as a leading gallery in contemporary Chinese painting in the UK. Since then, it has enjoyed great success promoting Chinese artists from the post 1989 avant-garde movements, and those born in the wake of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The gallery has been dedicated to establishing Chinese contemporary art as an integral part of international contemporary art.
Olyvia Fine Art's artists have been endorsed by collectors who continue to generate awareness and appreciation of Asian contemporary art such as Charles Saatchi, Larry Walsh, Frank Cohen and Herman Heinsbroek. The gallery has also developed partnerships with corporate institutions (banks such as Coutts & Co, JP Morgan Private Bank, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, Swiss based hedge funds and private equity firms) and art funds (such as The Fine Art Fund Group). In addition, Olyvia Fine Art benefits from very strong institutional relations in the mainland china, with major art investors such as the Shangri-la hotel Groups, and CMCB private wealth management.
Having successfully promoted the Asian scene, the gallery has recently expanded its market to include Western modern and contemporary art. Its aim is to show international emerging and established Chinese and Asian artists in juxtaposition with Western contemporary artists and their modern forbears.
While embracing this new direction, Olyvia Fine Art will remain focused on contemporary Chinese art. The gallery will continue to represent acclaimed Chinese names including Ling Jian, Guo Jin, He Sen, Zhong Biao and Zeng Chuanxing, alongside young talented artists like Han Yajuan, and Ren Zhenyu, who characterize pop and kitsch trends. Concurrently, the gallery will promote artists such as Fan Xiaoyan and Zhang Peng, whose works are among the most extreme and controversial in Chinese contemporary art.

Website : http://www.olyviafineart.com/index.php?p=home&c=1


Paisnel Gallery - London - U.K.

Located in St James’s in the heart of the London art market for over thirty years, we are a privately owned gallery specialising in 20th Century British Art with an emphasis on Post-War and St. Ives. A member of the Society of London Art Dealers, Paisnel Gallery is renowned for its professional and genuine service.

Website : http://www.paisnelgallery.co.uk/pages/home.html


Richard Nathanson - London - U.K.

Richard Nathanson worked as an expert in Sotheby's Impressionist & 20th century department before setting up as an independent adviser in 1970. He has arranged many exhibitions including one-man shows of Bonnard, Rouault and Sisley - the first in London for forty years.

Website : http://www.richardnathanson.co.uk/


October Gallery - London - U.K.

October Gallery has been instrumental in bringing to worldwide attention many of the world’s leading international artists, including El Anatsui, Rachid Koraïchi, Romuald Hazoumè, Nnenna Okore, Laila Shawa and Kenji Yoshida. The Gallery promotes the Transvangarde, the very best in contemporary art from around the planet, as well as maintaining a cultural hub in central London for poets, writers, intellectuals and artists, and hosts talks, performances and seminars.

Website : http://www.octobergallery.co.uk/homepage.shtml


W.H. Patterson Gallery - London - U.K.

Founded in 1964, the W. H. Patterson Gallery has been at 19 Albemarle Street since that date. Originally specialising in 19th Century English and Continental paintings, over the past fifteen years the gallery has increasingly been exhibiting leading English contemporary painters.

Website : http://www.whpatterson.com/


Narwhal Inuit Art Gallery - London - U.K.

Established in 1982, The Narwhal Inuit Art Gallery is the only British gallery dedicated to Inuit Art (previously known and marketed as Eskimo Art), exhibiting sculptures in stone, relic bone, horn and antique marine ivory, along with fine examples of graphic art dating back 50 years.

Website : http://www.narwhalgallery.com/#


Richard Nagy - London - U.K.

Richard Nagy has been dealing independently since 1980. He started the Dover Street Gallery in 1989. Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt have been a speciality since 1984. Richard Nagy also handles work of the German Expressionists particularly of the Neue Sachlichkeit and artists of a related sensibility (Spencer, Bacon and Freud). Less obviously related artists in stock are Symbolists (Redon, Khnopff) and works by the artists of the accepted canon of modernism, (Picasso, Matisse) et cetera.

Website : http://www.richardnagy.com/gallery/?mode=home


The Leicester Galleries- London - U.K.

Peter Nahum At The Leicester Galleries specialises in 19th and 20th century paintings, drawings and sculpture; in particular quality Victorian paintings, the Pre-Raphaelites, The Liverpool and Birmingham Schools including artists working in egg tempera, the New Sculpture and the European Symbolists.
The Leicester Galleries holds a wide variety of Modern British works including works by David Bomberg, Cecil Collins, Merlyn Evans, Terry Frost, Barbara Hepworth, Augustus John, Paul Nash, Ben Nicholson, Victor Pasmore, Michael Rothenstein and John Tunnard.
Also works by international artists including works by Julio González, Man Ray, Eugène Jansson, Eugene Carriere, Leon Frederic, Carlos Schawbe, Antonio Mancini and Jan Wynants
Peter Nahum At The Leicester Galleries was formed in 1984 on the experience of seventeen years at Sotheby's. The gallery has a simple buying policy, based on two questions: Is the work good enough? and Can we afford it?
We also sell on behalf of private collectors.
The policy of the gallery is to buy top, museum quality works of art for what we consider to be, taking the market overall into consideration, a reasonable price. (The price we pay may be a world record for the artist). In general, this means that we buy against the market, over a wide range of dates and styles, but always looking for more than the merely decorative.
Since becoming a member of the Art and Antiques market in 1966, Peter Nahum has seen many recessions and subsequent booms. The one message that clearly comes through is that top quality artworks, bought at the right price, never let their owner down. The price will, of course, be affected by market changes but, unlike fashionable works bought at the top of a boom market, the prices of correctly purchased paintings do not suffer extreme downward swings.
The policy of this gallery is to buy for the long term and, if necessary, to hold our works of art for many years. In this respect we act like our collectors. We believe that works of art will retain and increase their values, as quality becomes rarer. From a collector’s point of view, the greatest sin this gallery has perpetuated is to sell a good number of works to Museums and Art Galleries and therefore to remove them from their reach forever.

Website : http://www.leicestergalleries.com/


Frederick Mulder - London - U.K.

Frederick Mulder has been a private art dealer since 1972 in London dealing in original prints from the 15th to 20th centuries. We deal in a wide range of prints but our speciality is Picasso and in particular the linocuts he made between 1951 and 1965. Our holdings of Picasso's linocuts are probably among the most extensive in the world.
Dr. Mulder is considered to be one of the world's experts in the field of 19th and 20th century European prints. His clients include most of the major museums: Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art, New York; National Gallery of Art, Washington; Art Institute of Chicago; National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo; Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada; Australian National Gallery, Canberra, and National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; British Museum, London; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Website : http://www.frederickmulder.com/Gallery.asp


MOT International - London - U.K.

In 2006 MOT became MOT INTERNATIONAL, a new commercial contemporary art gallery representing important emerging and established UK and international artists. Building on the successful history of the project space, the gallery continues to to push at the frontiers of exhibition making, working with young artists and curators to produce a challenging and significant programme.

Website : http://www.motinternational.org/index.html


Moore-Gwyn Fine Art - London - U.K.

HARRY MOORE-GWYN first began dealing at a stand in an antiques centre whilst an under- graduate at Oxford University. After two years at Sotheby’s, Bond Street starting on the company’s graduate trainee scheme, he founded the business in 2000. It has become one of the leading British dealers in 18th and early 19th Century drawings and British art of the period 1900-1950, with a particular focus on neglected artists of the time.

Website : http://www.mooregwynfineart.co.uk/index.php


Ducan Miller Fine Arts - London - U.K.

Duncan R. Miller Fine Arts was founded in 1976 and has since that time established itself as one of London’s noted galleries dealing in quality Modern British and European painting.
Through its proprietor, Duncan R. Miller, the gallery has played a pioneering role in the revival of interest in paintings by the group of artists known as The Scottish Colourists. We are now recognised as a leading gallery in the works of these four important painters, Cadell, Fergusson, Hunter and Peploe. Each looked to, and worked with the great early twentieth Century French painters such as Matisse and The Fauves.
In addition to exhibiting work by a wide range of contemporary artists we also participate in several Fine Art and Antique Fairs throughout the year, including the Spring and Winter Olympia Fine Art and Antique Fairs as well as the contemporary Art fairs including the Business Design Centre and those held at the Royal College of Art, London.

Website : http://www.duncanmiller.com/


Medici Gallery - London - U.K.

Medici Gallery has been established in the heart of London's Mayfair for over one hundred years.
The Gallery exhibits figurative and representational contemporary paintings, sculptures and craft and has approximately ten exhibitions a year. We exhibit International and UK based established and emerging artists.

Website : http://www.medicigallery.co.uk/

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The Mews - London - U.K.

The Mews aims at creating a link between the Portuguese and the British art scenes.Putting on two solo exhibitions every month and inviting independent spaces and curators to create shows that further develop this relationship.The Mews also runs an Internet visual magazine as well as producing several small editions aimed at generating funds to help in the production of the shows.

Website : http://the-mews.blogspot.com/


Messum's - London - U.K.

Founded by David Messum in 1963, Messum's are a second-generation family firm of art dealers specialising in British Art from 1750 to the present day. For over 40 years we have pioneered the research and re-evaluation of important periods in British Painting, and are particularly renowned for having led the market in the re-appraisal of the British Impressionist artists, along with the Newlyn and St Ives schools of painting. Today Messum's continues to be internationally recognised as a leader in the field of British art.

Website : http://www.messums.com/index.php


Victoria Miro - London - U.K.

Victoria Miro first opened her gallery in Cork Street, Mayfair in 1985. The gallery quickly earned acclaim for showing the work of established and emerging artists from the USA, Europe and Asia, and for nurturing the careers of young artists from the UK. In 2000 Victoria Miro Gallery relocated to a sensitively converted, 8,000-square-foot former furniture factory situated between Hoxton and Islington in northeast London. With exhibition spaces on two floors, the gallery is almost unique in London for having its own garden, a beautiful landscaped area overlooking a restored stretch of the Regent's Canal at Wenlock Basin which has been used to great effect for installations by gallery artists such as Yayoi Kusama.
In October 2006 the gallery expanded further by opening Victoria Miro 14, a 9,000-square-foot exhibition and viewing space open to the public for special exhibitions and projects.

Website : http://www.victoria-miro.com/

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Duncan Miller Fine Arts - London - U.K.

Duncan R. Miller Fine Arts was founded in 1976 and has since that time established itself as one of London’s noted galleries dealing in quality Modern British and European painting.
Through its proprietor, Duncan R. Miller, the gallery has played a pioneering role in the revival of interest in paintings by the group of artists known as The Scottish Colourists. We are now recognised as a leading gallery in the works of these four important painters, Cadell, Fergusson, Hunter and Peploe. Each looked to, and worked with the great early twentieth Century French painters such as Matisse and The Fauves.
In addition to exhibiting work by a wide range of contemporary artists we also participate in several Fine Art and Antique Fairs throughout the year, including the Spring and Winter Olympia Fine Art and Antique Fairs as well as the contemporary Art fairs including the Business Design Centre and those held at the Royal College of Art, London.

Website : http://www.duncanmiller.com/


The Mayor Gallery - London - U.K.

The Mayor Gallery was the first gallery to open its doors in Cork Street. Founded by Fred Mayor (1903-1973) in 1925, many artists exhibited for the first time in England at the Mayor Gallery and included, amongst others, Bacon, Calder, Ernst, Klee, Masson, Miro and Paolozzi. The Mayor Gallery was also the centre of UNIT ONE, a group that included Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, Paul Nash, Edward Wadsworth, Edward Burra and others.
James Mayor, Fred's son, took over the Gallery in 1973 and since then the Mayor Gallery has shown the work of many leading American artists. They include: Hesse, Lichtenstein, Martin, Oldenburg, Rauschenberg, Rosenquist, Ryman, Twombly, Warhol and Wesselmann.
The Gallery continues to show the works of leading American Pop artists as well as European Nouveau Realism, but remains London's foremost Gallery for Dada and Surrealism.

Website : http://www.artnet.com/Galleries/Home.asp?G=&gid=725&which=&rta=http://www.artnet.com


Master Piper - London - U.K.

Master Piper is a contemporary art gallery, above The Three Stags, opposite the Imperial War Museum.
With between five and seven commercial exhibitions a year, Master Piper exhibits the very best work from established contemporary artists as well as those with more emerging careers. Master Piper’s artistic agenda is to showcase technically strong contemporary art, in all its forms, and to focus on the idea or concept behind the artwork.Master Piper works to support the future of its artists.

Website : http://www.masterpiper.com/home

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Man&Eve - London - U.K.

Man&Eve is an independent gallery based in London. The gallery opened in May 2006 and exhibits work by emerging and established contemporary artists working across a range of media. A changing exhibition programme is complemented by an eclectic schedule of screenings, artists talks and discussions. The gallery represents a number of artists and regularly participates in international art fairs.
Between May 2006 – January 2010, Man&Eve was located in a Grade II listed Georgian town house in Kennington. In June 2010, the exhibition programme moved to a new temporary project space at 8a Courtenay Street, a former sea-cadet training centre on the Duchy of Cornwall Estate in Kennington.
Man&Eve project space accommodates exhibition space, as well as studio space for gallery artists, and short-term residencies for exhibiting artists. 131 Kennington Park Road continues as the registered office address.

Website : http://www.manandeve.co.uk/


Maas Gallery - London - U.K.

The Maas Gallery was founded in 1960 by the late Jeremy Maas. It was then a ‘revivalist’ gallery because it was the first to specialise in what was then a most unfashionable field, that of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Jeremy Maas published Victorian Painters in 1969, a general survey of the subject, and thereafter several other books. Rupert Maas, his son, now owns and runs the Gallery.

Website : http://www.maasgallery.com/Joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=54


Daniella Luxembourg Art - London - U.K.

Daniella Luxembourg grew up in Israel and was educated at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In the early 1970s, Luxembourg worked at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and was the Founding Curator of a small ethnographic museum. From 1975 to 1983 she helped to establish the Diaspora Museum in Tel-Aviv (Beit Hatefusoth) for which she curated 12 exhibitions and catalogues. In 1983, Luxembourg co-founded Sotheby´s Israel, and in 1993 was named Director of Sotheby´s Zurich and Deputy Chairman of Sotheby´s Switzerland. Meanwhile, in 1990 Luxembourg was elected Founding Director of the Jewish Museum in Vienna. She left Sotheby´s with colleague Simon de Pury in 1996, and together they founded Geneva-based de Pury & Luxembourg Art dedicated to creating contemporary art funds and building museum collections. In 2000, de Pury & Luxembourg became managing directors and one year later owners of the international auction house, Phillips de Pury & Luxembourg. Until the present day, de Pury and Luxembourg have a namesake gallery in Zurich that exhibits contemporary art. In 2004, Daniella sold her share of Phillips de Pury & Luxembourg and now works as a private dealer and consultant in London, Geneva and New York.

Website : http://luxembourg-art.com/index.html


Long & Ryle - London - U.K.

Long & Ryle was founded in 1988 when Sarah Long, formerly of the Wraxall Gallery, joined forces with Carolyn Ryle-Hodges, a Courtauld Institute of Art graduate and advisor on the purchase of twentieth century art. The partnership exists to provide a quality, specialist service to clients who wish to purchase Modern and Contemporary art.

Website : http://www.longandryle.com/index.html


Lennox Gallery - London - U.K.

This stunning exhibition gallery is situated just off the New King’s Road and Fulham Road, two minutes walk from Fulham Broadway tube station. An excellent central location surrounded by designer shops, antique shops and other art galleries.

Website : http://www.lennoxgallery.co.uk/Default.aspx


Lefevre Fine Art Ltd - London - U.K.

Lefevre Fine Art Ltd was founded in 2002; specialising in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary International and European paintings, drawings and sculptures. The business evolved from the renowned firm of Alex Reid & Lefevre, known as The Lefevre Gallery, and is run by Alexander Corcoran with his father Desmond Corcoran acting as a consultant.
The Corcoran family have been involved in the Art Market since the 1930’s when Gerald Corcoran began to deal privately from his home in Shepherd’s Market. Their involvement with the Lefevre Gallery began in 1947 when Gerald was recruited by A.J. McNeil Reid to revive Alex Reid & Lefevre after the war. Gerald later became its Chairman and owner followed by his son Desmond and between them they presided over the firm’s golden years. His grandson Alexander is now the Chairman of Lefevre Fine Art.
Lefevre Fine Art is still located in Bruton Street, in the heart of London’s West End, though less public than before, we are committed to the reputation for excellence the name Lefevre stood for. The firm deals in the same field although the emphasis has moved on to the 20th Century Masters.

Website : http://www.lefevrefineart.com/OLDindex.php


Julia Korner - London - U.K.

Julia Korner is a specialist in fine art conservation and restoration, and frames. International art dealer, specifically in 18th, 19th and 20th Century Maritime and Topographical paintings.She is an independent art specialist based in West London, a conservator of paintings, polychrome sculpture, frames and over-mantles, Julia also makes traditional gold leaf and gesso frames to order, using her extensive range of eighteenth century book binding tools to enhance the decoration of such frames.

Website : http://www.juliakorner.com/


Knowles - London - U.K.

Beverley Knowles earned her art world stripes working with revered eighteenth century dealer Anthony Mould in Bond Street, London. At the other end of the geographical and art historical spectra, she then did a one year theory dense MA in Contemporary Art History at Goldsmiths’ College.
In 2002 she set up Beverley Knowles Fine Art in support of contemporary women artists. This not uncontroversial project, hailed by Griselda Pollock as “vitally important” and decried by Sue Hubbard in The Independent as a “self-made ghetto amid the desired homogeneity of the twenty first century”, operated from October 2005 to May 2009 out of a gallery space just off Golborne Road, W10.
After a brief commercial partnership with art historian Yvette Greslé, a shift in focus bloomed and Beverley is now working as a freelance consultant, independent curator and writer on the arts. Contentedly tucked away in a private office but rarely far from the madding crowd, her particular area of interest is concept driven ephemeral and performance art by emerging artists.
As a commentator on the arts Beverley has written for The Guardian, Art of England, Art in London, The Financial Mail and Spoonfed. As well as an art historian Beverley is also an equestrian, a yogi, a Buddhist, a voracious reader, a stubborn interlocutor and a firm believer that a sense of humour has got to be the last thing to go.

Website : http://www.beverleyknowles.com/