Lefevre Fine Art Ltd - London - U.K.

Lefevre Fine Art Ltd was founded in 2002; specialising in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary International and European paintings, drawings and sculptures. The business evolved from the renowned firm of Alex Reid & Lefevre, known as The Lefevre Gallery, and is run by Alexander Corcoran with his father Desmond Corcoran acting as a consultant.
The Corcoran family have been involved in the Art Market since the 1930’s when Gerald Corcoran began to deal privately from his home in Shepherd’s Market. Their involvement with the Lefevre Gallery began in 1947 when Gerald was recruited by A.J. McNeil Reid to revive Alex Reid & Lefevre after the war. Gerald later became its Chairman and owner followed by his son Desmond and between them they presided over the firm’s golden years. His grandson Alexander is now the Chairman of Lefevre Fine Art.
Lefevre Fine Art is still located in Bruton Street, in the heart of London’s West End, though less public than before, we are committed to the reputation for excellence the name Lefevre stood for. The firm deals in the same field although the emphasis has moved on to the 20th Century Masters.

Website : http://www.lefevrefineart.com/OLDindex.php