AmericanStyle Magazine

The mission of AmericanStyle magazine is to inform craft enthusiasts and art collectors about the significance of handmade objects of art. Launched in 1994 by The Rosen Group, AmericanStyle provides art lovers with valuable tips on decorating, interior design, display and lighting ideas for everything from designer jewelry and art glass to collectible teapots, art furniture and sculptural ceramics. More than 250 arts festivals, gallery exhibitions and museum events are listed in the Datebook section of each issue.With every bi-monthly issue, readers enjoy the eclectic lifestyles of artists, the elegant homes of craft collectors and features about "the art of creative living." City arts tours and small arts walk features in AmericanStyle magazine promote awareness of the economic and aesthetic contributions that art and craft bring to our homes and community. Each year cities compete to be included in AmericanStyle magazine's Top 25 Arts Destinations edition.

Website : http://www.americanstyle.com/ME2/Default.asp

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Art Monthly Australia

Art Monthly Australia is a dynamic visual arts magazine containing lively commentary, news and reviews on the visual arts, which is distributed throughout Australia and internationally. We are committed to representing all Australian states and territories to a local, national and international audience. Art Monthly is the only monthly visual arts magazine in Australia, and publishes ten issues each year between March and December, including the popular Artnotes section which features events, news and exhibitions from all states and territories across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region.

Website : http://www.artmonthly.org.au/about.asp

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Artworld Digest

Since 2006, when, "Unambiguous," the first issue of Artworld Digest was published a lot has changed. The original mission of promoting new and original artists as well as using art to promote sustainability has evolved. In 2007, we created the Seed Project, which was a ground-breaking environmental installation where artists planted seeds to make individual art projects all over the world, forming a "Virtual Field." Since then, we have been active in public schools in New York City creating art projects, such as a greenhouse made from recycled water bottles and other projects. Now, our next issue "Power," seeks to take that concept of inviting artists to actively change their environment to the next logical step - to engage artists in participating in a series of seven art experiments, where artists respond to series of ideas, which in theory could lead to a transformational culture.

Website : http://www.artworldigest.com/index.html

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Artworks Magazine

ARTWORKS Magazine is a voice for the arts, striving to give artists a platform to share their stories and their art with a wide audience.
Painting, sculpture, photography, literature, film, music, dance and more – ARTWORKS is dedicated to a broad-based approach to art but always with an eye to the creative energy and output unique to the West Coast. Beautifully photographed, creatively designed and powerfully written, the magazine is itself a work of art.

Website : http://artworksmagazine.com/

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Founded in 1902, ARTnews is the oldest and most widely circulated art magazine in the world. Its readership of 200,000 in 123 countries includes collectors, dealers, historians, artists, museum directors, curators, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts.
Published eleven times a year, ARTnews reports on the art, personalities, issues, trends and events shaping the international art world. In clear, well-crafted language that is as comprehensible to the novice as it is to the expert, the magazine offers a lively, provocative, and visually stimulating package that informs as well as entertains with news dispatches from a worldwide network of correspondents, hard-hitting investigative reports, criticism, and opinion.

Website : http://artnews.com/home/

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Art Papers

ART PAPERS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the examination, development, and definition of art and culture in the world today. Its mission is to provide an independent and accessible forum for the exchange of perspectives on the role of contemporary art as a socially relevant and engaged discourse. This mission is implemented through the publication of ART PAPERS Magazine and the presentation of public programs.

Website : http://www.artpapers.org/

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Art Monthly

Art Monthly is the UK's leading magazine of contemporary visual art. Published 10 times a year, it keeps you in touch with today's fast-moving artworld through in-depth features, interviews with leading lights, profiles on rising stars and up-to-the-minute coverage of trends from independent critics.
In addition to the extensive reviews section covering exhibitions and books, Art Monthly is the only magazine with regular columns on artists' books and multiples, new media, auction activity and legal issues. It is the first with news and views.

Website : http://www.artmonthly.co.uk/home.htm

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American Indian Art Magazine

For more than 30 years, American Indian Art Magazine has been the premier magazine devoted exclusively to the great variety of American Indian art. This beautifully illustrated quarterly features articles by leading experts, the latest information on current auction results, publications, legal issues, museum and gallery exhibitions and events.

Website : http://www.aiamagazine.com/

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Art of England

Art of England is one of the leading art magazines in the U.K. Designed for the art professional, art buyers, sellers and enthusiasts.
It provides detailed previeuws of the UK's key art shows, auctions and exhibitions - an essential platform for ground-breaking traditional, contemporary and abstract art, from pre-Raphaelite to Young British Artists.
A unique and comprehensive guide to where to go, what to see ans what to buy in the UK, the readers have the inside edge.

Website : http://www.artofengland.uk.com/

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Artillery is a fresh, smart magazine that captures the verve and vitality of the contemporary art world. We tend toward the provocative, with readable articles, skipping the academic art jargon that usually leaves readers snoring. Our reviews are critiques, not descriptions. Our profiles are in-depth, not fluff. Our art dish captures the who's who of openings. Artillery knows the buzz that's happening in the galleries and studios. We stick by our guns with "killer text on art."

Website : Artillery

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Art in America

Each month, Art in America creates a fascinating picture of the colorful, ever changing, often controversial art scene here and abroad. You’ll find everything from contemporary to classical …painting, sculpture, photography…critiques of exciting new talents and important new books.

Website : http://www.artinamericamagazine.com/

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News and critiques of exhibitions in the visual arts, with a contemporary focus.
Includes world news, critics' picks, live symposia, archives, bookforum, previews .....

Website :http://artforum.com/

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Art Calander

Art Calendar is the industry’s foremost business magazine for visual artists. Founded in 1986, Art Calendar acts as a beacon to guide artists on their journey toward making a living with their art.
Written by knowledgeable industry pros and successful working artists, Art Calendar offers artists practical business advice on subjects such as art marketing, art law, portfolio development, exhibition presentation, communication skills and sales techniques, as well as advanced technical applications of photography, computer and Web tools. It also offers the most extensive and recent listings of Calls to Artists, including galleries reviewing portfolios, juried competitions, grants, fellowships, festivals, publishing opportunities and residencies.
Best described as “The Artist’s Guide to Making It,” Art Calendar is the only subscription-driven, business-oriented magazine published specifically for visual artists. There are no “how-to-paint” articles — Art Calendar readers have already found their voice and established their own unique style. Art Calendar enables professional artists to make a living doing what they love, providing them with fresh and innovative ideas, along with the all of the necessary tools to sell their work and further their careers. Offering professional artists more than any other art publication, Art Calendar has established itself as the ultimate resource for visual artists.

Website : http://www.artcalendar.com/home.asp

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Founded in 1925, Apollo is one of the world’s oldest and most highly respected magazines on the visual arts.
Published monthly, it offers the greatest editorial diversity of any art magazine – covering everything from antiquities to contemporary work. Recent editions have included exclusive new photographic portraits of Grayson Perry by Derry Moore and reviews of the new Greek & Roman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a special collaborative edition with the museum.
International in scope, every edition of Apollo contains up-to-the-minute news from the art world with expert information on the market, authoritative guidance on collecting, and reviews and previews of exhibitions worldwide. Apollo is also the place to find searching interviews with major collectors and important personalities from the arts: recent highlights include Lord Rothschild on his major additions to the collection at Waddesdon Manor and the artist Richard Long talking about the inspiration for his projects.
Consistently regarded as the most prestigious and authoritative of all art magazines, Apollo is the media partner of choice for an impressive list of museums and institutions. Recent collaborative editions have included special issues in partnership with The J. Paul Getty Museum and The Yale Center for British Art.

Website : http://www.apollo-magazine.com/

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American Art Review

American Art Review chronicles the emergence and growth of American painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and decorative arts . . . with intelligence, sensitivity, style, authority and historical insight.
Our sources are the museums, galleries, archives, universities, private collections, families and friends of the artists, wherever the most significant American art now resides.
Never in the history of American art publishing has there been a magazine which covers the field with American Art Review's breadth, depth and imagination. If you are a connoisseur - or would like to become one - American Art Review is for you.

Website : http://www.amartrev.com/

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ARTINFO.com is the online destination of Louise Blouin Media, the world’s leading cultural media group. Our mission is to provide unparalleled access to the world of art and culture. Each day, ARTINFO.com offers breaking news, profiles of top and emerging artists, stories about collectors and collecting, gallery round-ups from around the world, the best of student art, market trends and analysis, and detailed coverage of art fairs. Our weekly email newsletter helps art enthusiasts keep up with the market.

Website : http://www.artinfo.com/about/

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Antiques Trade Gazette

Antiques Trade Gazette (ATG) is the acknowledged ‘Bible’ of the fine art and antiques industry, a weekly newspaper that has provided the latest in market information, news and analysis to art and antiques trade professionals and collectors since 1971. In short, it is a newspaper for serious buyers and sellers.
Now restyled in a new format for better colour and clarity and on very high quality paper, ATG continues to provide an accurate, balanced and impartial view of the art and antiques business.

Website :http://www.antiquestradegazette.com/

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Antiques & Fine Art

Antiques & Fine Art Magazine is the leading magazine for the sophisticated antiques and fine art audience with exclusive features on collectors' homes, historic resorts, noteworthy sales, market trends, and investing, with educational articles and highlights.

Website : http://www.antiquesandfineart.com/index.cfm

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AmericanStyle Magazine

AmericanStyle provides art lovers with valuable tips on decoration, interior design, display and lighting ideas for everything from designer jewelry and art glass to collectible teapots, art furniture and sculptural ceramics.
The mission of AmericanStyle magazine is to inform craft enthusiasts and art collectors about the significance of handmade objects of art.

Website : http://www.americanstyle.com/ME2/Default.asp

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The World of Antiques & Art

Now in its thirthy-ninth year of publication, the World of Antiques an Art has become the Australian magazine of record for art, design and collecting history.

Website : The World of Antiques & Art

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The Photograph Collector

Readers who need to know what's happening in all aspects of the market for collectible photographs turn to The Photograph Collector for analysis, facts, and candid advice, news from dealers, galleries, upcoming auctions, trade fairs, symposiums ans more.

Website : http://www.photoreview.org/collect.htm

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Collector Editions

Collector Editions Magazine leads the industry with excellence, introducing the latest in giftware, d├ęcor, fine art and contemporary collectibles. In every issue this magazine uses brilliant color photography to introduce new product releases, new club and event pieces, artist profiles, comprehensive features and collectible advertising.

Website : http://www.collector-editions.com/

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Collectors News

The magazine provides subcribers with the tools to find, identify, value, care, display, research, buy and sell antiques and collectibles.

Website : http://collectors-news.com/

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AntiqueWeek is published by DMG World Media. AntiqueWeek has the largest paid circulation of any antiques and collectibles newspaper in the U.S.A.

Website : http://www.antiqueweek.com/about.asp

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Classic Record Collector

The Classic Record Collector publish articles on great artists of the past, histories of record companies and labels, tales of rare recordings, interviews with famous producers and transfer engineers, collector news from the U.K-the Far East-USA-Europe, audio news and surveys of the latest reproducing equiment in all formats.

Website : http://www.classicrecordcollector.com/

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Antiques Roadshow Insider

News, trends and analysis from the world of antiques and collecibles.
Antiques Roadshow Insider will take you behind the scenes to chat with dealers and appraisers, auctioneers and collectors. You'll see what's selling, what's in demand, and what prices people are paying. You'll discover the sings that can reveal hidden value in an antique. And you'll find out how te spot tomorrow's hottest collectibles today, while they're affordable!

Website : http://www.antiquesroadshowinsider.com/

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The Magazine Antiques

The Magazine Antiques with museum accessions, report from Europe, books about antiques, collectors & design notes, art & antiques shows, fine art services ....

Website : http://www.themagazineantiques.com/index.php

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Antiques & Collecting Magazine

Whether you collect Art Nouveau, Buttons, Roseville Pottery, Rhinestone Jewelry, or anything in between, you will love Antiques & Collecting Magazine.

Website : http://www.acmagazine.com/

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Antiques & Auction News

Antiques & Auction News is a resource covering antiques shows, markets, auctions, shops, and centers all along the east coast of the U.S.A, with the an emphasis on Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and Ohio. It also features practical articles on buying and selling of collectibles.

Website : http://www.antiquesandauctionnews.net/aaindex.epc

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Antique Trader

Antique Trader is the most authoritative voice in the antiques world. Each issue's filled to the brim with valuable information for your pursuit of antiques.

Website : http://www.antiquetrader.com/magazine/

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