Artworld Digest

Since 2006, when, "Unambiguous," the first issue of Artworld Digest was published a lot has changed. The original mission of promoting new and original artists as well as using art to promote sustainability has evolved. In 2007, we created the Seed Project, which was a ground-breaking environmental installation where artists planted seeds to make individual art projects all over the world, forming a "Virtual Field." Since then, we have been active in public schools in New York City creating art projects, such as a greenhouse made from recycled water bottles and other projects. Now, our next issue "Power," seeks to take that concept of inviting artists to actively change their environment to the next logical step - to engage artists in participating in a series of seven art experiments, where artists respond to series of ideas, which in theory could lead to a transformational culture.

Website : http://www.artworldigest.com/index.html

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