AmericanStyle Magazine

The mission of AmericanStyle magazine is to inform craft enthusiasts and art collectors about the significance of handmade objects of art. Launched in 1994 by The Rosen Group, AmericanStyle provides art lovers with valuable tips on decorating, interior design, display and lighting ideas for everything from designer jewelry and art glass to collectible teapots, art furniture and sculptural ceramics. More than 250 arts festivals, gallery exhibitions and museum events are listed in the Datebook section of each issue.With every bi-monthly issue, readers enjoy the eclectic lifestyles of artists, the elegant homes of craft collectors and features about "the art of creative living." City arts tours and small arts walk features in AmericanStyle magazine promote awareness of the economic and aesthetic contributions that art and craft bring to our homes and community. Each year cities compete to be included in AmericanStyle magazine's Top 25 Arts Destinations edition.

Website : http://www.americanstyle.com/ME2/Default.asp

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