Paul Rodgers/9W Gallery - New York - USA

Paul Rodgers/9W Gallery focuses on a select group of established and emerging artists, developing innovative frameworks to promote their careers.

The gallery has a flexible schedule of solo and group installations and holds exhibitions in a variety of formats by private and public invitation.

Website : http://paulrodgers9w.com/

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Robert Steele Gallery - New York - USA

Robert Steele Gallery exhibits a wide range of work by contemporary international painters and sculptors, specializing in the art of Australia's Aborigines. According to author Benjamin Genocchio, in his 2008 book , Robert Steele is "the only dealer of notice in New York consistently showing [Australian] Aboriginal art." Indeed, Robert Steele Gallery is one of just a handful of galleries in the United States dealing substantially in the paintings and objects of this fascinating visual tradition.

Website : http://www.robertsteelegallery.com/default.asp

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Yancey Richardson Gallery - New York - USA

Founded in 1995, the Yancey Richardson Gallery is one of the preeminent dealers of fine art photography in the country. A member of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), Yancey Richardson brings over 28 years of experience to the gallery's exhibition program. Formerly housed in the renowned 560 Broadway building in historic Soho, the gallery is now located in the heart of New York's Chelsea art district.

The gallery is committed to working with museums, private institutions, art collectors and other dealers to advance the careers of the artists we represent. Our current program includes critically recognized, emerging photographers such as Alex Prager, Lisa Kereszi and Victoria Sambunaris, as well as established mid-career artists such as Sharon Core, Mitch Epstein, Laura Letinksy, Andrew Moore, Sebastiao Salgado and Hellen Van Meene. Additionally, the gallery regularly exhibits the work of established masters, including August Sander, Ed Ruscha, William Eggleston, and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Our artists have been extensively collected and exhibited by museums worldwide. Their works have been widely published as artist monographs, in prominent art journals, and among critical theory texts. Reviews of the gallery's exhibitions have appeared in the New York Times, New Yorker, Art News, Art in America, and Artforum, among many other publications.

The gallery assists both beginning and veteran collectors in locating, buying and selling work by all 20th century established and emerging photographers.

Website : http://www.yanceyrichardson.com/

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RHV Fine Art - New York - USA

RHV Fine Art, founded in June 2008 by artist duo Henry Chung and Robert Walden, presents the compelling work of emerging and established local and national artists in a relaxed accessible environment. Our program strives to present work that is conceptually sophisticated while visually engaging. We endeavor to provide a wide range of work that appeals to a diverse client base whilst meeting our rigorous conceptual and visual standards. We believe in the notion that great art and design should be available to the lives of ordinary people. To that end we are committed to accessibility through public exhibitions and strive to expose our artist's work to as broad an audience as possible.

Henry has had a long career in the publishing, design and web development worlds as well as maintaining an active artist's studio (www.henrychung.com). He studied at both Columbia University and at New York University's Tish School of the Arts. His photography has been exhibited nationally. A New York City native, Henry lives in Brooklyn and his studio is in Brooklyn, NY.

Robert established his studio in New York City 1997 after completing his BFA at the Atlanta College of Art in 1994. He opened his first gallery, Walden, in Manhattan's LES in 1999. His art work has been exhibited nationally and is in private collections around the world. A native of Mississippi, Robert maintains his studio (www.robertjwalden.com) in Brooklyn, NY.

RHV Fine Art is located in beautiful South Slope, Brooklyn and is part of the dynamic community burgeoning on 6th Avenue in the lower 20's.

Website : http://www.rhvfineart.com/
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Schaller + Jaquish Art Projects - New York - USA

The Rhonda Schaller Chelsea gallery (formally Rhonda Schaller Studio) has been renamed Schaller + Jaquish Art Projects, Contemporary Art – NYC, NJ. We have moved to a total online format, and are no longer focused on selling art as a product out of a permanent physical gallery space per the traditional paradigm. As the world changes, we have to adjust. After talking to our core collectors who support our ideas concerning art and collecting, we have left the old model of the art gallery as retail store behind.

We will continue to present shows based on curatorial themes and ideas that interest us in our online Project Room Galleries. As we try and figure out a new, sustainable approach, please consider this effort a work in progress. We gave up our Chelsea gallery space, so due to a lessening of our own overhead costs, we have lowered the application fee for submission, and if the work we are showing is for sale - we will offer artists 100% of the sale proceeds.

In this economy we believe an important attitude change is necessary in the arts. Led by frugality and integrity, we encourage all artists (ourselves included of course) to develop individualism, entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit. We will continue to engage in what is genuinely creative, productive and nourishing; and recommend the adoption of practices that allow self-sufficiency, self-reliance and yet mutual support to grow from the core of a new community spirit. And we hope the growth of such values will be reflected in our art.

We have always believed that art addresses inner needs, and that the visual represents deeper meanings. Art is not only profound on a human level, it is the doorway to the human spirit, and in a world becoming more chaotic everyday art must become even more accessible in the future. It doesn’t have to be popular, trendy, current, or “now”, and it doesn’t always have to be for sale. It needs to be made and it needs to be seen. We will continue to play our part in the pattern of necessity.

Website : http://rhondaschallerchelsea.com/index.html

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RH Gallery - New York - USA

Founded in 2010 by Adam Taki and Rebecca Heidenberg, RH Gallery is located in the heart of TriBeCa, housed in a 3,500 square foot space over two floors featuring three exhibition spaces. Driven by Heidenberg’s curatorial practice and Taki’s business expertise, the gallery presents contemporary art, with a focus on process-driven craft, within a rigorous conceptual framework. The gallery represents an international roster of contemporary artists including Wolfgang Ellenrieder (Germany), Parastou Forouhar (Iran / Germany), Shao Fan (China), Paul Edmunds (South Africa) and Young Sook Park (South Korea) whose works are included in numerous museum collections worldwide, as well as a selection of emerging artists including Daniel Escobar (Brazil), Micah Ganske (Hawaii / New York) and Dante Horoiwa (Brazil). The gallery’s program also features an ongoing series of thematic group exhibitions incorporating a diverse selection of renowned modern and contemporary artists such as Lee Ufan, Robert Rauschenberg, Matthew Barney, Henry Moore and Mickalene Thomas.

Website : http://www.rhgallery.com/site/index.html

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Repetti - New York - USA

Founded by Sam Farnsworth on a derelict 14,000ft2 New York City industrial floor in 2002, Repetti is an artist run gallery that facilitates the working  practices of emerging contemporary artists.  

Website : http://www.repetti.org/#/home

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Rehs Galleries - New York - USA

The gallery has its roots in the early to mid 20th century. During the late 1930s / early 1940s M. Edwin (“Eddie”) Schillay, an accountant, counted among his clients an antique dealer with a shop in the Greenwich Village area of New York City. This dealer suggested that he consider entering the art or antique business; recommending that he travel to Europe, buy a group of paintings, have them packed and shipped to New York and then sell the works in bulk. Eddie arranged to rent space at the Manhattan Storage Warehouse and traveled to Great Britain to begin his new business venture.

Once in the UK he acquired a selection of paintings, had them packed in a 7 x 7 x 10 foot container, these containers were called lift vans and held between 400-500 paintings, and shipped back to New York City via ocean freight. Once there, the container was brought to his warehouse space and sold in bulk.

Eddie’s sideline business continued for more than a decade, during which time he made many important contacts both in the United Kingdom and United States. By the mid 1950s Eddie’s wife, Ruth, decided that she wanted to work in the art business and they rent a space at 303 Park Avenue South. Here, instead of selling the shipments in bulk to one individual, they opened the crates and began selling the paintings individually; the very early stages of the art gallery. In 1957 Eddie and Ruth’s daughter Ann married Joseph B. Rehs, an accountant.

The firm was reputed to have bought out entire estates and large parts of auctions. Their style of purchasing was so grand that they were written up in The Bournemouth Times, Westbourne, England in November of 1958 when they purchased 60 paintings from one sale. In 1960 the gallery, which was importing between 6000 and 7000 paintings each year (one shipment per month), moved to a larger space at 386 Park Avenue South. The “on hand” inventory consisted of 2000 to 2500 paintings, mainly from the British Victorian period, and ranged in quality from the decorative to the collectable. This same year Eddie became ill and Joseph Rehs went to work in Eddie’s accounting firm; however, it did not take long for Joseph to see that there was more potential in the art business.

By 1961 Joseph was working in the art business on a fulltime basis; traveling to Europe on buying trips, arranging shipments and building both their network of sources and customers. During this period Joseph remembers acquiring works by the British Victorian artist Oliver Clare, putting a frame on them and selling the package for $10; or the time he went out-on-a-limb and acquired a large figure painting by Frederick Morgan for $225 (£75) and sold it for $450 – a huge profit; this same painting reappeared on the market in 2000 and sold for almost $1 million.

In January of 1963 Eddie passed away and it was at this point that the firm’s name (originally known as M. Edwin Schillay) was changed to Schillay & Rehs, Inc. Throughout the 1960s and most of the 1970s the firm was one of the largest importers, to the trade, of 18th and 19th century European paintings. In addition to supplying many of the art galleries and furniture stores in the United States with art, they also held shows at a number of the larger department store chains; these included The J.L. Hudson Company and B. Altman & Company.

In 1978 the gallery moved from its location at 386 Park Avenue South to a larger gallery location at 305 East 63rd Street. Here, while continuing its wholesale business, they also began catering to the interior design trade and their private clients.

As demand for high quality 19th century European works of art increased so did prices. This, in turn, reduced the number of paintings the gallery could import on a regular basis and forced them to give up the wholesale business and concentrate on dealing with private buyers, collectors and museums.

Howard L. Rehs, after graduating from New York University with a degree in Art History, joined the firm in 1981. His first year was spent living in London; during which time he both bought works for the gallery’s inventory and studied the 19th century European painting market. Upon his return to the United States a serious interest in French Academic, Realist and Barbizon art emerged and over the years more works by the masters from these schools entered the gallery’s inventory.

In 1991 Joseph bought out the last of the Schillay family members and the gallery changed its name to Rehs Galleries, Inc. It was also at this point that the gallery began working on the catalogue raisonné projects for Julien Dupré and Daniel Ridgway Knight. In 1995 the gallery moved from its 63rd Street location to its current location at 5 East 57th Street (8th Floor). This same year the gallery was elected a member of the Fine Art Dealers Association and two years later, 1997, Howard was elected President; a position he held until July of 2009. In 2003 the gallery began its Emile Munier online catalogue raisonné project and in 2007 the online project for Antoine Blanchard was launched. In 2008 Howard was appointed to the Internal Revenue Service’s Art Advisory Panel.

Today the gallery specializes in 19th and early 20th century European works of art and displays paintings many important Barbizon, Realist and Academic artists including: Eugene Boudin, William Bouguereau, Jean B.C. Corot, Julien Dupré, Daniel Ridgway Knight, Louis Aston Knight, Edouard Cortès, and Emile Munier. In addition the gallery features works by mid 20th century American artists such as Ilya Bolotowsky and Ugo Giannini and represents a number of Contemporary Realist artist, including Allan Banks, Barry Oretsky, Gregory F. Harris and Sally Swatland.

Website : http://www.rehs.com/index.html

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Cynthia-Reeves - New York - USA

CYNTHIA-REEVES represents an international roster of emerging and mid-career artists who share a process-apparent sensibility in their art. We are committed to artwork that demonstrates an authentic voice, an innovative use of materials and an appreciation of the mark in diverse media: site-based installation, video, sculpture, painting and works on paper. A sub-text to the gallery’s program is artwork that provokes a discourse around the convergence of art and science, as well as our relationship to the natural world – a discourse essential to the examination of contemporary art and culture within the context of these broader challenges.

As a way of expanding the gallery model, CYNTHIA-REEVES has initiated a number of innovative, off-site projects, which provide us the opportunity to curate significant exhibitions, and focus on specific and timely issues and/or artists’ works. H20: FILM ON WATER featured over 50 video art projects, as well as site-based installations and photographic works, all concerning the theme of water and our collective relationship to this essential resource. The exhibition was deemed the most significant curated exhibition in New England in 2009. FABRICATIONS, an exhibition also sited in a museum-scale, 20,000 square foot facility, featured twenty conceptual works of spun, woven and sewn materials that were not fabric based. A third large, theme-based exhibition opens the summer of 2011: CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS.

CYNTHIA-REEVES PROJECTS is a forum for off-site and collaborative projects done in concert with partner galleries and non-profit organizations, including museum exhibitions and other platforms that bring our artists’ works to the attention of a broader audience. Due to our strong focus on sculptural works, we are actively involved with public art projects in the United States and abroad, helping to facilitate installations of large-scale works in the public domain. The gallery is a regular exhibitor at art fairs throughout the United States and abroad.

The gallery’s program frequently supports exhibitions that elaborate the visual and visceral connection between art and science. In 2010, the topics addressed through curated exhibitions included climatic data recapitulated in conceptual, site-based kinetic sculptures by Nathalie Miebach; the link between neuronal activity and electro-magnetism, as explored by artists Claire Watkins and Sheila Gallagher; and genome research as manifested in the paintings and drawings of Daniel Kohn. As artist-in-residence at the Broad Institute at MIT/Harvard, Kohn developed a series of works that have since been exhibited in New York City (Pfizer headquarters) , La Jolla, California (science research facility for Pfizer) , Cambridge, Massachusetts (Broad Institute at MIT), and the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire, providing a platform for dialog around the science of genomics and the visual manifestation of that research.

The gallery has mounted innovative premier exhibitions in the United States of noted international artists such as Korean sculptor, JaeHyo Lee; and, has introduced international talent such as Beijing-based painter Lianghong Feng. South African painter and sculptor, Lionel Smit, and Chinese painter, Shen Chen, through gallery exhibitions and international art fairs. Gallery artists are represented in the exhibition programs and permanent collections of museums in the United States and Asia. The gallery’s exhibitions are regularly reviewed or featured in published articles in Sculpture Magazine, Art in America, ArtNews, among other contemporary art publications.

Cynthia Reeves is the founding Director of the Great River Arts Institute, an educational arts organization based in Vermont. The mission has been to sustain a New England-based arts center to support and nurture visual and literary artists and provide regional art and literacy youth programs. These programs have created a forum for artistic exchange and learning among instructors and students, bringing the benefits of this dynamic exchange back to community.

CYNTHIA-REEVES was founded in 1995 in New England and opened our New York gallery in 2003 in Chelsea, the contemporary art district of Manhattan.

Website : http://www.cynthia-reeves.com/

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Kesting / Ray - New York - USA

Kesring / Ray is an innovative gallery and creative catalyst in New York. Our mission is to discover and advance the most important contemporary artists transforming concepts of space and identity.

The gallery’s program embodies the combined vision of husband and wife team and co-founders David Kesting and Christina Ray. Both have owned galleries previously; David was a co-founder of Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn (2003 – 2007) and Leo Kesting Gallery in the Meatpacking District (2007 – 2010). Christina launched Brooklyn-based arts lab Glowlab in 2002, moving to SoHo several years later and re-launching the gallery under her own name in 2010. Since the fall of 2010, David and Christina have worked together in the SoHo space, expanding their roster of exhibited artists and the gallery’s presence at major art fairs.

Gallery artists work in a range of media and share a passion for examining personal and social dimensions of the built environment. Artist talks and studio field trips; limited edition books and screen prints; large-scale wall drawings and outdoor installations are often incorporated into exhibitions along with scholarly essays and catalogues. Artists are represented in important collections throughout the world and have been featured in publications including Art in America, ArtNews, The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Time Out New York, The Economist, The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Flash Art and many others.

Website : http://kestingray.com/

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R Gallery - New York - USA

R 20th Century represents a distinguished group of historical and contemporary designers whose work is among the most innovative and finely crafted of their time.

Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman founded R 20th Century in 1997 to realize their combined goal of promoting a closer study, appreciation and preservation of 20th and 21st century design.

Meyers and Snyderman have garnered international acclaim for their groundbreaking exhibitions and publications and for their commitment to preserving history through their extensive archives, library and private collection. Consistently, Meyers and Snyderman exhibit an extraordinary acumen for discovering and bringing designers to the forefront of the rapidly escalating design market.

R is currently developing exhibitions and publications on the designers it represents -- a diverse program that includes work from North America, South America, Europe and Asia produced between 1945 and today.

In addition to the exhibition program and showroom in New York, Meyers and Snyderman offer the work of R designers internationally, contribute widely to publications, and lecture frequently about design.

Website : http://r20thcentury.com/home.cfm

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Questroyal Fine Art - New York - USA

Questroyal Fine Art, LLC, is an established American art gallery specializing in fine American paintings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Questroyal’s ever-changing, diverse inventory of more than four hundred artworks includes important Hudson River school, impressionist, and modernist examples.

Website : http://www.questroyalfineart.com/

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Pop International Galleries - New York - USA

Founded in 1997 by Jeff Jaffe , Pop International Galleries - aka "The Pop Gallery" - is an exciting art gallery on West Broadway in the heart of SoHo, in New York City. Pop International specializes in Pop Art and art and photography that is derived from, or influenced by, popular culture.

Pop International fills a much needed niche in New York, as it is the only street level gallery in the famous neighborhood with this special, fun and important focus. The diversity and depth of Pop's inventory makes it a great springboard for younger people to begin collecting, while serving as a dynamic source for more seasoned and experienced collectors.

While the The Pop Gallery has grown into a thriving business since its inception, Jeff firmly believes that a strong educational component is vital to the nurturing of all types of collectors. Events at the gallery often include guest lectures and discussions, screenings and slide shows as well as charitable tie-ins, making Pop International Galleries very much a part of the community at large.

Pop InternationalGalleries has fast become the preeminent center to make collecting art available and accessible to all types of collectors in a young, fun-filled, energetic environment.

Website : http://www.popinternational.com/pop.gallery

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Poller Contemporary - New York - USA

After group exhibitions on photography every year beside painting and sculpture, the gallery decided in January 2002 to specialize on contemporary photography.

The research for the gallerie's program concentrates on young artists who already have received scholarships and awards and have developed with their work a distinguished position in the world of todays photography.

In September 2006 Galerie Poller, Inc. opened at New York, 547 West 27th Street.

We offer our clients all services for their acquisitions of contemporary art, especially photography. The many different ways to express artistc ideas in the media of photography opens many possibilities to built up collections and to serve individual purposes.

Website : http://www.poller-contemporary.com/

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Phoenix Gallery - New York - USA

From its origins as a prestigious artist co-operative in New York, celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2008, the Phoenix Gallery has evolved into a community-oriented center for all the arts. Founded in 1958, during the "Tenth Street" days, the gallery now has artist-members from around the world, all dedicated to the highest level of professionalism. Each brings his/her own unique style and vision to the diverse group that makes up the Phoenix Gallery. These artists, all carefully chosen for membership by Phoenix artist peers, work in all media and create art that encompasses and reflects wide cultural and ethnic interests.

In addition to providing artist-members elegant space to exhibit, the gallery reaches out to the members of the community, scheduling juried competitions, dance programs, poetry readings, book signings, plays and lectures. A special exhibition space, The Project Room, has been established for guest-artist exhibits. The Phoenix Gallery is a non-profit organization.

The Phoenix Gallery has recently re-located to 210 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 902, in the exciting area of Chelsea, New York. The gallery has 2500 square feet, over 190 linear feet of display area. There are storage and bin areas for active inventory of members' work.

Website : http://www.phoenix-gallery.com/index.html

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Parker's Box - New York - USA

Parker's Box is a ten year old gallery, established in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in 2000. The gallery is committed to championing the work of both American and overseas artists whose practice and attitudes are innovatory while being instilled with curiosity towards both the mechanisms of the contemporary world, and the mechanisms that can operate within a work of art.

Website : http://www.parkersbox.com/events.html

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Plaiades Gallery - New York - USA

Pleiades Gallery was founded in 1974 by a group of like-minded artists who sought an alternative to the dictated constraints of the commercial gallery world. One of the oldest cooperative galleries in New York City, Pleiades was a leading participant in the Association of Artist Run Galleries and the cooperative movement of the 1970’s.

Located in Chelsea among the most prestigious galleries in New York, Pleiades exhibits highly professional contemporary and thought provoking work by its artist members.

Pleiades Gallery developed into a SOHO institution with highly exacting aesthetic standards that are continuously refreshed by new members. The gallery reflects a broad range of styles, sensibilities and media, from realism to abstraction, spanning painting drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and experimental work. Its strength lies in its diversity of style, ages and viewpoints. Artists in the Pleiades Gallery have the opportunity to exhibit their work, to inform audiences about their techniques and to act as a catalyst for new ideas in contemporary art and culture.

Pleiades Gallery officers are elected by the membership. The gallery is run by the members with each artist member to assuming an equitable share of responsibilities. Artwork at the Pleiades Gallery may be sold at a more affordable price with full reward to the artists, as Pleiades remains one of the few galleries that does not charge a commission on sales.

Many of the gallery’s artists have been widely exhibited, won awards, have had their work included in museum collections, and have been selected to participate in competitions juried by curators of prominent institutions and museums. In addition, many members are also members of the New York Artists Equity Association and the National Association of Women Artists.

Website : http://www.pleiadesgallery.com/index.html

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