Martyn Gregory Gallery - London - United Kingdom

The Martyn Gregory Gallery, at 34 Bury Street in the London district of St James's, is located half way between Piccadilly and St James's Palace.

The gallery is the world's leading specialist in 'China Trade' paintings and pictures related to the Far East in the period 1700-1950. These include works by both Western artists who travelled to the East; and also works by Chinese artists who painted 'in the Western manner' for the merchants and ships' officers who came to the China coast.

Website : http://www.martyngregory.com/

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Richard Green - London - United Kingdom

Richard Green is an international family business of great distinction, his two galleries are in the heart of the London art world. For three generations, Richard Green has dealt in traditional and classical Post-War paintings of the highest quality dating from the 17th through to the 21st Century.

Forming a collection of paintings is a most interesting and rewarding experience. However, art must be wisely selected with professional advice. Richard Green assists collectors to make their choices, providing the scholarly background to each painting, and advising on framing, hanging, insurance and all other aspects of collecting.

The gallery exhibits a selection of paintings from its unrivalled stock at international art fairs and maintains close contact with clients. Connoisseurs marvel at the collection of Fine Old Masters, 18th Century British, Sporting, Marine, Orientalists, French Impressionist, Victorian, European and Modern British paintings.

We pride ourselves in offering the finest quality works from our large and diverse stock. Among the leaders in our profession, we have helped form important collections for both individuals and museums.

This is an exciting time for Richard Green, as our third-generation family art firm celebrates more than fifty-five years in business and have now completed the construction our new building at 33 New Bond Street, the first purpose-built art gallery on the street since the early twentieth century.

Paintings have always been part of my life; my father James Green opened a gallery at 4 St James's Street in 1936, the year I was born. I left school at fifteen to work with him at his Bond Street Gallery (9 New Bond Street), before setting out on my own in 1955. I then joined my elder brother John, who owned a gallery in Piccadilly Arcade and in 1959 we opened the St James's Gallery in Jermyn Street. We worked together until 1964, when we went our separate ways as picture dealers, John to develop his twin interests in art and property businesses and I to open my own gallery.

The following year, together with my wife and partner Jennifer, we established our first gallery at 36 Dover Street, expanding to 44 Dover Street in 1972. As well as Old Masters and Victorian pictures, I have always had an interest in Sporting paintings. My father represented Sir Alfred Munnings in his lifetime, and the Turf and ownership of racehorses have always been an absorbing hobby for me. In 1979 we acquired a gallery at 4 New Bond Street to display Impressionist and Modern British paintings.

From the 1970s onwards, Richard Green has developed its business in Old Masters, traditional British paintings, Impressionists and Modern British masters. Our philosophy is to source paintings worldwide, buying the best examples, in the finest condition, with excellent provenance. Over the years I have been ably assisted by my sister Penny, and subsequently I have been joined by my children Jonathan, David, Matthew and Marie-Claire, who have grown up in the stimulating and challenging atmosphere of picture dealing and have applied their talents to many aspects of the business.

In 1990 my brother John joined the business, bringing to it his many years of experience in property development. The previous year we had acquired from the Throgmorton Trust the former Ackermanns gallery at 33 New Bond Street, which became our Old Master gallery under the direction of Jonathan and John. Among the highlights of exhibitions held at number 33 was The Cabinet Picture in 1999, a loan exhibition of exquisite, small-scale Dutch and Flemish works from public collections. This coincided with our sponsorship of the Richard Green Room in London's National Gallery, which displays the museum's own superb cabinet paintings. Over the years we have been very pleased to assist international museums in the development of their collections.

Richard Green opened its premises at 147 New Bond Street in 1998, after two years' complete renovation of the five storey building which had been occupied by Wildenstein since 1936, and which had once been the home of Lord Nelson. This gave us our first taste of a large architectural project, as the space was completely redesigned, with galleries over three floors. The spectacular main gallery, with its beautiful glazed ceiling, has displayed to advantage our shows of Sporting, Impressionist and Modern British paintings. The new millennium saw the rapid development of the market for the leading British artists of the twentieth century, and we have found the light, airy spaces of 147 New Bond Street ideal for showing the works of Henry Moore, William Scott, Patrick Heron, Ivon Hitchens and Frank Auerbach.

Having acquired the freehold of 33 New Bond Street in 1995, Richard Green has now taken the opportunity to redevelop the premises, creating six floors of galleries and offices. We commissioned an entirely new building, designed by George Saumarez Smith of Robert Adam Architects and brilliantly fusing modernity and tradition. The sculpture on the façade was created by the distinguished Scottish sculptor Alexander Stoddart, whose commissions include the bas-reliefs for The Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

We hold several gallery exhibitions a year, which can be viewed on our website, as well as attending international fairs, including Palm Beach; the European Fine Art and Antiques Fair, Maastricht and the Biennale, Paris.
Richard Green

Website : http://www.richard-green.com/Richard-Green-Gallery-Intro-Richard-Green-Gallery-Home-DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=19

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Jill George Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Member of the Society of London Art Dealers

Representing paintings, drawings, watercolours, monoprints and limited edition prints by British contemporary artists

Website : http://www.jillgeorgegallery.co.uk/main_pages/frameset.htm

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David Gill Galleries - London - United Kingdom

David Gill is a pioneering gallerist of 20th Century and contemporary design. He produced some of the first furniture collections from Zaha Hadid to Mattia Bonetti and was one of the first people to show the work of artist Grayson Perry. David Gill broke new ground in championing the work of designers who have become world famous, from Marc Newson to Tom Dixon and Ron Arad. His latest gallery in St James's demonstrates the significant role he has played in changing the status and perception of contemporary design internationally.

There's a strong theatrical feel to his story. Born in Spain and educated in France and England, Gill grew up with a rich exposure to culture, arts and science. He was lucky enough to encounter teachers who recognised his precocious intelligence and encouraged his interests. 'I was always enquiring,' he says. 'I was keen to know about everything I encountered, examining things minutely and developing a keen eye.' He is now renowned as a collector with an instinctive understanding of what is best and what will appreciate in value. 'I simply know what is good,' he says. Studying History of Art in London, Gill was offered a position at Christie's before the course was even finished. He specialised in Modern Prints but was drawn to 20th Century art and design - a category which didn't really exist at the time. After leaving Christie's, he chose to travel for two and a half years. During this time he met Edward James, the renowned eccentric collector and art lover who, in turn, had been friends with Salvador Dali, Magritte, Techelitchew, masters of surrealism and many of the 20th Century 'greats'. 'After that experience I decided that I didn't want to work in a museum or gallery or auction house but to move into the commercial world and to open my own gallery.'

It is audacious for anyone to embark upon an entrepreneurial venture without previous experience and when in 1987 Gill decided to open a gallery on Fulham Road specialising in 20th Century art and design, it was viewed as a bold move. Around him were shops and galleries specialising in Georgian furniture, chintz and antiques and Gill was bringing something decidedly different. He assembled an impressive array of pieces by many top artists and introduced his collection to the market. He chose to open with the 20th Century masters but to introduce 'New Romantic' painting and work by contemporary Russian artists. He featured pieces by some of the greatest furniture makers of the twentieth century, including Eileen Gray, Jean Michel Frank and Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann and championed the work of artists and designers as diverse as Giacometti, Donald Judd, Elisabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti.

The new gallery was immediately greeted with great enthusiasm. 'Where have you been!' cried David Mlinaric as his car screeched to a halt outside the gallery. He became a great collector as did Jacob Rothschild, David Sylvester and Doris Saatchi. 'I met many great people very quickly,' says Gill who began to attract a circle of collectors to him, and who continue to trust his judgement implicitly. Gill has presented a diverse array of exhibitions in the Fulham Gallery, creating immersive spaces which conjured the atmosphere of the period or the subject. For one of his shows, Fifty Years of Fashion, he celebrated the glory of 1950s style by creating a couture salon. He bought a portfolio of Dior dresses and materials which he exhibited amongst mannequins. He had also collected work by Cocteau - drawings, posters, ceramics and memorabilia - and created a museum. It was cited as the 'best exhibition in London.'

By the late 1990s it was apparent that more exhibition space was needed. Gill had always hankered after a New York loft style dwelling and found a large factory space in Vauxhall which he opened in 2000, and lived in for a while. The new space made large scale collecting possible and also meant that there could be a permanent exhibition of pieces on show and to stage events. The new space had no restrictions. 'I could show the journey between historical pieces and contemporary design,' he says. Being in this new extensive space, Gill could extend his portfolio of artists and designers to represent, such as Barnaby Barford, Fredrikson Stallard and Oriel Harwood.

David Gill's new space located at 2-4 King Street is next door to Christie's on the corner of Duke Street. 'It's destiny,' says Gill, 'having worked at Christie's at the start of my career I see it as entirely fitting that I should set up my gallery there.'

Website : http://www.davidgillgalleries.com/

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Julian Hartnoll - London - United kingdom

Julian Hartnoll has been specialising in Victorian and Modern British Art since 1968. He is an expert on PreRaphaelite and Kitchen Sink art and also offers a personal selection of Contemporary and Outsider art as part of his continually changing gallery display.

The gallery also holds a large collection of French Fabric Designs from 1930-60. These can be seen by appointment and the gallery will be devoted to a selection at least twice a year.

The gallery has a varied exhibition schedule. For more details take a look at our exhibition page or if you would like to be notified of future dates please send us an email.

Website : http://julianhartnoll.com/

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Gagliardi Gallery - London - United Kingdom

The Gagliardi Gallery opened in 1978 and is one of the most established, long-standing contemporary galleries in London that has maintained a strong identity and continues to build and value trusted relationships with its clients.

Over the last thirty five years, the Gagliardi Gallery has served many collectors. Clients range from Princes, Sheikhs and businessmen, to those who pay monthly for a painting worth under £500. - all with one element in common; the love of art.

The gallery's aim has always been to advise clients and to offer high quality art at a good price. The gallery has retained the same mentality and goal for thirty five years, providing a personal service towards its clientele.

Today, we are one of the oldest contemporary art galleries in London, thanks to the continued support of our clients. When the gallery opened, it were surrounded by more than twenty five galleries which over the years all closed, one by one. We feel proud to have survived through three recessions and to see our clients returning time after time.

The gallery has become synonymous with quality and diversity, exhibiting a comprehensive collection of sculpture and painting, characterised by its variety. From traditional Tuscan landscapes, still-life studies and intricate portraits, to the brazenly abstract and surreal.

Located in Chelsea, this contemporary art gallery is situated in one of the most prestigious and dynamic areas of London. It has become inextricably entrenched in the buzzing cosmopolitan parade that is the Kings Road. The Gagliardi Gallery collaborates with as many as fifty artists, ranging from artists just out of art school, to established international artists, whose works are present in some of the greatest museums in the world, such as the V & A Museum, the Tate, the Museum of Art in Rio de Janeiro and the National Museum in Wales.

Website : http://www.gagliardigallery.org/

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Hildegard Fritz-Denneville Fine Arts - London - United Kingdom

Hildegard Fritz-Denneville Fine Arts is situated in the heart of London’s art world, next door to Sotheby’s. It has been established for 25 years and is a member of the Society of London Art Dealers. The gallery has developed expertise in German and Austrian art, and specializes in German Romantics, Nazarenes and Expressionists, as well as in French Impressionists.

Website : http://www.artregister.com/fritzdenneville.html

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Harris Lindsay - London - United United

Harris Lindsay is a continuation of a company established in 1967, firstly as Phillips & Harris, then as Jonathan Harris and for the last thirteen years as Harris Lindsay. The business is owned by Bruce Lindsay and Marieke MacMahon.

As you can see above, we do not have a shop window, operating discreetly from large premises behind these double doors in London's Jermyn Street. We are unusual in dealing very broadly, in English, Continental and Oriental works of art of all kinds and periods. The company has always been known for its eclecticism and for an interest in the historically significant and the unusual, and amongst our clients are over sixty museums and public collections all over the world.

Website : http://www.harrislindsay.com/home

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Hanmi Gallery - London - United kingdom

Hanmi Gallery is a new art gallery, located in central London, with operation in Seoul. The gallery represents the finest modern and contemporary art and design to an international audience, creating a bridge between the Eastern and Western art scenes.

Hanmi Gallery has dedication and specialism in Asian contemporary art. In particular, advocates Korean art and provides a platform for Korean artists in London showcasing the most exciting art from Korea. The gallery also promotes the interchange and conversation between the global art arenas, introducing British and European art into Asia.

Heashin Kwak, director of Hanmi Gallery, has spent her entire career in the art world. She achieved an MA in Art and Design at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul in 1991 before relocating to London in 1994. Kwak graduated with an MA in Communication Art and Design from Central St Martin’s and was subsequently awarded an M.Phil from The Royal College of Art in London.

Kwak is currently active as an art consultant in London and Seoul. Her first hand contact with both current and emerging talents, and her East-West networks, enables her to showcase the most exciting art from Korea and the UK.

The gallery is due to undergo major refurbishment but is currently open to the public with a program of interim exhibitions. The grand opening will take place in summer 2013, when all the refurbishments will be completed.

Website : http://www.hanmigallery.co.uk/index.html

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Hanga Ten - London - United Kingdom

Hanga Ten is the only showcase in the UK and Europe specialising exclusively in contemporary Japanese prints.
These prints are original works of art, almost always meticulously hand-printed by the artist themselves. Editions are strictly limited.

We represent about twenty-five artists, either Japanese or foreign who have lived in Japan for many years. Most of the artists are well-known in their field and their works are in international collections throughout the world. A few however are young artists whom we have selected for their special talent. While styles vary from traditional Japanese scenes to the abstract, all have in common the originality and technical excellence of their work based on the disciplines of this Japanese art.

The website only shows a selection of the works of each artist which are available from Hanga Ten. Please contact us if you wish to see further works or have any questions. The photographs may not do justice to the true texture and colours of the original prints, so we hope that you will be able to see the real thing, either by appointment or at one of our exhibitions.

Hanga Ten means the Shop of Prints in Japanese and was established in London more than twelve years ago, as a brainchild of Hely Norton, a long-time expert in the field. Today Hanga Ten is managed by Chiko Nara through her company Contempo Art Japon. Hely remains an advisor and together, we strive to continue to bring these beautiful works of art to Europe. At this time, we would like to thank all our continuing customers for their support, and welcome those of you who are new.

Website : http://www.hangaten.com/index.php

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Handel Street Projects - London - United Kingdom

Handel Street Projects has operated since January 2006 to promote new British and international contemporary art. We have constantly revolving mixed shows of works by an exciting range of artists, from the most respected and established, to young artists at the very beginning of their careers. Additionally we organise shows for unusual temporary locations around London: artists are offered the opportunity to stage and realise works in varied and challenging contexts. There is no stylistic thread running through the program-expect the unexpected. Instead there is a clear commitment to generating new possibilities, exciting propositions and to the development of critical thinking around contemporary art.

Website : http://www.handelstreetprojects.com/index.htm

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Hampstead Gallery - London - United Kingdom

We are a small but exclusive gallery with over 17 years experience in fine art collecting and dealing. The Gallery deals mainly in fine and selected 19th and early 20th Century Russian, East and West European Paintings and, to a lesser degree, in Art Nouveau, Zsolnay and 19th Century Meissen Porcelain.

Hampstead Gallery was an active dealer (Charter Member) of and a regular contributor to sothebys.com online Internet auction site which closed in 2002. The Gallery has a fine reputation for its knowledge, experience and expertise in East European and Russian Paintings and it offers unsurpassed quality for discerning clients.

Website : http://www.hampsteadgallery.com/index.htm

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HADA Contemporary - London - United Kingdom

As the first East Asian art gallery on Vyner Street, HADA Contemporary aims to cultivate the dialogue between East Asia and Europe by firmly positioning the art of each culture into the artistic hub of the other. It recognises the rich history of art of both regions it inhabits and those it represents, showcasing established and emerging artists from the East Asia with an emphasis on Korea. The often neglected diversity of history, cultural tradition and importance of local integration between the countries drives HADA to nurture artists in order to further bridge unfamiliar territories. By cultivating the relationship between these dynamic arenas exoticisation can be exchanged for appreciation.

The presence of HADA Contemporary on Vyner Street offers the opportunity to further explore the conversation between a variety of often estranged dialogues: that of ‘East’ and ‘West’, ‘Tradition’ and ‘Conception’, ‘Them’ and ‘Context’. HADA embraces the platform for emerging talent and progressive artistic thought Vyner Street has historically provided. The entrepreneurialism and vision that characterises the establishment of the East London art scene, through the bold exploration of real and current exchanges of the world and its individuals through the visual arts, continues with HADA Contemporary.

Website : http://www.hadacontemporary.com/

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HackelBury Fine Art - London - United Kingdom

HackelBury exhibits 20th and 21st Century works of art from a carefully selected stable of artists, and is founded on the shared expertise, passion, & experience of Sascha Hackel & Marcus Bury, dealers & curators since 1990.

Our primary focus is on contemporary mid-career artists, with an emphasis on museum projects. The gallery was opened in 1998 and continues to develop and thrive through an expanding program of gallery exhibits, International Art Fairs, and Museum and publishing collaborations. HackelBury currently participates in the The Armory Show and the AIPAD Photography Show in New York, Masterpiece in London, Art Aspen and Art Miami.

Website : http://www.hackelbury.co.uk/index.html

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GX Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Established in 2001, GX is a contemporary fine art gallery specialising in recognised artists with a focus on contemporary abstract figurative. The gallery participates in National and International Art fairs. Our London gallery is in the historic Camberwell arts district, within walking distance of Camberwell Arts College, South London Art Gallery, Goldsmiths College and approximately 10 minutes from Victoria Station.

Our aim is to share with you contemporary art knowledge and art making in its current form through a dedicated space and participation in significant global art events. Collecting art is a journey that enriches life and we believe it’s our responsibility to make that dream available and accessible to all.

The gallery represents a roster of artists and specialises in thematic group exhibitions and focused solo exhibitions. Located in a 1500 sq. ft. grade II listed building in London’s historic Camberwell arts district, the space was expanded in 2006 to cover two floors and architecturally designed to offer a unique platform for contemporary artwork. Clients can be confident that GX artists are selected based on their inclusion in public and private collections, efficient and intelligent use of materials and execution. Nurturing emerging talent is as important to us as developing that of our mid to late career artists. GX support local educational institutions and introduce new faces through an annual program. Original works are exhibited in the main gallery over the 12 calendar months along with separate limited edition and secondary market artwork exhibitions.

The gallery offers a wide range of amenities including commercial and residential installations, painting restoration, resale or direct purchase of single pieces or entire collections of important contemporary and modern work. Framing is undertaken by sister business GX framing www.gxframing.com who offer museum quality bespoke framing.

Website : http://www.gxgallery.com/

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Gwen Hughes Modern British Art - London - United Kingdom

Welcome to Gwen Hughes Modern British Art. Based in London, we have been buying and selling art since 1997, working with private and corporate collectors, designers, decorators and other dealers, and directly with artists and their estates.

We hold works by some of the pre-eminent British artists of the 20th-century, including Howard Hodgkin, John Hoyland, Prunella Clough, Alan Davie and David Hockney. We hope that the selection of works featured on this website will give some idea of our large, varied and changing stock.

We specialise in the work of artists born or active in Britain, mostly during the second half of the 20th century, though works available range in date from the early 1900s to the present. Our stock includes important paintings, and drawings by some of the leading figures in modern British art, but also many affordable artists' prints and works by less familiar names.

Our current Online Exhibition features a range of Popular Prints, including some scarce works from the series published by J Lyons & Co for the decoration of their tearooms in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

Website : http://www.gwenhughesart.co.uk/index.php

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Gimpel Fils - London - United Kingdom

Gimpel Fils was founded in 1946 by brothers Charles and Peter Gimpel. They added "Fils" in homage to their father René, the dealer and collector whose journal Diary of an Art Dealer was first published in 1966. During the fifties and sixties the gallery was associated with the avant-garde, giving Lynn Chadwick, Anthony Caro, Peter Lanyon and Alan Davie their first exhibitions, alongside exhibitions of Larry Rivers, Marcel Duchamp and Yves Klein.

Whilst the gallery continues to work with an older generation of British abstract painters including Alan Davie and Albert Irvin in keeping with its history, under the direction of fourth generation dealer Rene Gimpel and co-director Jackie Haliday, Gimpel Fils continues to develop its contemporary programme with the recent inclusion of Andres Serrano, Callum Morton and Hannah Maybank.

The gallery underwent major refurbishment in the winter of 2000 in order to update the gallery space to reflect the dynamism and contemporary nature of Gimpel Fils' exhibition programme. The inaugural installation by Richard Wilson marked a new era in the gallery's history and cemented Gimpel Fils' continuing commitment to contemporary art.

Website : http://www.gimpelfils.com/index.php

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Gilden's Arts Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Gilden’s Arts was founded in 1981 and is a family run business with representatives in the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States of America. In June 2006, we have opened our new gallery in Hampstead, north London.

We specialise and deal in 20th century Modern Art, with a focus on:
1.Works on paper including original prints from the 20th Century: Our collection of International Art includes the Modern Masters such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, George Braque, Moise Kisling, Max Ernst, Lesser Ury and many other highly acclaimed artists.
2.Ecole de Paris & Eastern European Art: We specialise in dealing with original works from the School of Paris (Ecole de Paris), with an expertise for works by Jewish artists who were part of this famous European movement. Therefore, we offer high quality works by acclaimed Hungarian, Polish and Russian artists who were part of the Ecole de Paris.
3.Israeli Art & Modern and Contemporary Art. We also offer knowledge and experience in the Israel art market; paintings from some of the leading Israeli artists.

Generally, we have a keen interest in works of art by artists from the following movements: Surrealism, Cubism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism and Russian Avant-garde, as well as DADA and the Abstract movement.

Gilden’s Arts also represents Estate collections of oil paintings by Pincas Abramovich, Elyahu Sigard, Meir Steingold, Antal Biro, as well as works on paper by Arthur Markowich, Mihaly Von Munkacsy and Jozsef Bato.

We work with both private collectors and institutions. Our gallery service includes fully documented research, a condition report and a certificate of authenticity for each work.

The Directors and Staff at Gilden’s Arts have a wide experience and significant knowledge of the International Art Market and we gladly advise clients and institutions on their collections.

Website : http://www.gildensarts.com/index.php?route=common/home

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Gazelli Art House - London - United Kingdom

Gazelli Art House is a commercial art organisation dedicated to providing a new setting for the creation of contemporary art and delivering the message of the finest international artists to a wide audience of both new and established collectors.

The gallery invites individuals to embark on a journey of understanding art, establishing bespoke dialogues and relationships between artists, writers, specialists, students and novices through exhibitions, talks, workshops and tours.

Website : http://www.gazelliarthouse.com/

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