Hanga Ten - London - United Kingdom

Hanga Ten is the only showcase in the UK and Europe specialising exclusively in contemporary Japanese prints.
These prints are original works of art, almost always meticulously hand-printed by the artist themselves. Editions are strictly limited.

We represent about twenty-five artists, either Japanese or foreign who have lived in Japan for many years. Most of the artists are well-known in their field and their works are in international collections throughout the world. A few however are young artists whom we have selected for their special talent. While styles vary from traditional Japanese scenes to the abstract, all have in common the originality and technical excellence of their work based on the disciplines of this Japanese art.

The website only shows a selection of the works of each artist which are available from Hanga Ten. Please contact us if you wish to see further works or have any questions. The photographs may not do justice to the true texture and colours of the original prints, so we hope that you will be able to see the real thing, either by appointment or at one of our exhibitions.

Hanga Ten means the Shop of Prints in Japanese and was established in London more than twelve years ago, as a brainchild of Hely Norton, a long-time expert in the field. Today Hanga Ten is managed by Chiko Nara through her company Contempo Art Japon. Hely remains an advisor and together, we strive to continue to bring these beautiful works of art to Europe. At this time, we would like to thank all our continuing customers for their support, and welcome those of you who are new.

Website : http://www.hangaten.com/index.php

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