Plaiades Gallery - New York - USA

Pleiades Gallery was founded in 1974 by a group of like-minded artists who sought an alternative to the dictated constraints of the commercial gallery world. One of the oldest cooperative galleries in New York City, Pleiades was a leading participant in the Association of Artist Run Galleries and the cooperative movement of the 1970’s.

Located in Chelsea among the most prestigious galleries in New York, Pleiades exhibits highly professional contemporary and thought provoking work by its artist members.

Pleiades Gallery developed into a SOHO institution with highly exacting aesthetic standards that are continuously refreshed by new members. The gallery reflects a broad range of styles, sensibilities and media, from realism to abstraction, spanning painting drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and experimental work. Its strength lies in its diversity of style, ages and viewpoints. Artists in the Pleiades Gallery have the opportunity to exhibit their work, to inform audiences about their techniques and to act as a catalyst for new ideas in contemporary art and culture.

Pleiades Gallery officers are elected by the membership. The gallery is run by the members with each artist member to assuming an equitable share of responsibilities. Artwork at the Pleiades Gallery may be sold at a more affordable price with full reward to the artists, as Pleiades remains one of the few galleries that does not charge a commission on sales.

Many of the gallery’s artists have been widely exhibited, won awards, have had their work included in museum collections, and have been selected to participate in competitions juried by curators of prominent institutions and museums. In addition, many members are also members of the New York Artists Equity Association and the National Association of Women Artists.

Website : http://www.pleiadesgallery.com/index.html

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