Apogee Photo

The name “Apogee” was chosen to suggest a high point of achievement, the goal of all photographers.
Our tone is conversational and friendly, since the photographers we serve are more interested in enjoying and sharing their craft than in excluding newcomers. As an on-line magazine, we’re comfortable in the home, the classroom, the club meeting, or the studio. We use the unique qualities of our medium to our advantage, meeting needs out of reach to print magazines. We can be fast, flexible, and timely.
We offer high quality photographic articles and columns about how-to's & techniques, business, nature & wildlife, travel, digital imaging, fashion photography, software, & Photoshop how-to's, equipment, and experiences, as well as information about photographic workshops, schools, books, and products which might be of interest to our readers. Our Photography for Young People pages help those beginner or young budding photographers learn the basics.
And, we added an extensive list of Camera Clubs and started the Apogee Photo Newsletter.
The offering of online photography classes through the Apogee Photo Online Campus was started in 2006, making the access to learning this art form easy, interactive and fun.

Website : http://www.apogeephoto.com/

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