Gimpel Fils - London - U.K.

Gimpel Fils was founded in 1946 by brothers Charles and Peter Gimpel. They added "Fils" in homage to their father René, the dealer and collector whose journal Diary of an Art Dealer was first published in 1966. During the fifties and sixties the gallery was associated with the avant-garde, giving Lynn Chadwick, Anthony Caro, Peter Lanyon and Alan Davie their first exhibitions, alongside exhibitions of Larry Rivers, Marcel Duchamp and Yves Klein.
Whilst the gallery continues to work with an older generation of British abstract painters including Alan Davie and Albert Irvin in keeping with its history, under the direction of fourth generation dealer Rene Gimpel and co-director Jackie Haliday, Gimpel Fils continues to develop its contemporary programme with the recent inclusion of Andres Serrano, Callum Morton and Hannah Maybank.
The gallery underwent major refurbishment in the winter of 2000 in order to update the gallery space to reflect the dynamism and contemporary nature of Gimpel Fils' exhibition programme. The inaugural installation by Richard Wilson marked a new era in the gallery's history and cemented Gimpel Fils' continuing commitment to contemporary art.

Website : http://www.gimpelfils.com/index.php