Thomas Colville Fine Art - New York - USA

I have been active since 1972 in the purchase and sale of American and European nineteenth century art, helping to broaden the collections of many individuals, corporations, and museums throughout the world.

As a private dealer, I devote the majority of my time to working with the art that I acquire. I supervise the conservation of each painting, retrieving the impact of its original state and preserving it for the future. Drawing on my expertise in selecting and obtaining an extensive collection of antique frames, I ensure that each work is presented in either its original or an appropriate frame of the period. Finally to determine its art historical context, I research each work to document its provenance and exhibition history.

I maintain a significant inventory of quality works in a wide range of prices that reflect my taste and interests. Because these artworks have been personally chosen for their imaginative appeal, I am always happy to reacquire them.
Thomas Colville

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