Kim Foster Gallery - New York - USA

Kim Foster Gallery promotes a select group of contemporary artists that have been with the gallery for over a decade. The gallery is focused on enabling these artists to explore and evolve in significantly different ways, but with remarkable coherence within the gallery’s affinity towards unconventional work. These artists deviate from traditional mediums and instead have developed entirely new methods and sophisticated techniques that often require massive hand labor and the assistance of specialists. For example, Jim Toia’s newest project involves creating sculptures of abandoned leaf cutter ant colonies that he cast with the assistance of entomologists and engineers from the University of Texas. Diane Samuels’s recent commission, a hand engraved glass pedestrian bridge for Brown University, required her inventing a patent-pending method for constructing glass windows.

The gallery has established long lasting relationships with its artists, encouraging exploration of their unique style.

Website : http://www.kimfostergallery.com/artists/news.htm

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