Leonard Hutton Galleries - New York - USA

The Leonard Hutton Galleries, founded in 1957, specializes in paintings, works on paper and sculpture by 20th century European masters.

Located in the Fuller Building, at 57th Street and Madison Avenue in New York, we maintain an active exhibition program and, over the years, have published more than 40 fully illustrated catalogues for selected shows. A main focus on the gallery has always been modernist movements of the first half of the 20th Century, notably German Expressionism and the Russian Avant-Garde. Among the artists traditionally identified with us are KANDINSKY, JAWLENSKY, KLEE, PECHSTEIN, NOLDE, MÜNTER, FENINGER, SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF, KOLBE, MARCKS, MALEVICH, POPOVA, LARIONOV, GONTCHAROVA, EXTER CHASHNIK and SUETIN. Also regularly available are works by PICASSO, LÉGER, MIRÓ, ALBERS, LAURENS, ARCHIPENKO, BALLA, KUPKA, RAOUL DUFY and both ROBERT and SONIA DELAUNAY.

In our continuing efforts to explore, document and exhibit the artists of the Russian Avant-Garde, we have mounted more than ten exhibitions of their work, the last being of Kazimir Malevich. Other recent exhibitions have included the popular "Small Formats", with works ranging from late 19th Century to contemporary masters, and single-artists shows devoted to Sonia Delaunay, Lazar Khidekel and Alberto Magnelli.

Website : http://www.leonardhuttongalleries.com/index.html

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