Jonathan LeVine Gallery - New York - USA

Jonathan LeVine Gallery exhibits a genre of work influenced by illustration, comic books, graffiti, street art and pop culture imagery. We represent a mix of emerging and mid-career level artists with an emphasis on cultivating new talent and creating an environment where artists can further develop their work. Stylistic and ideological tendencies shared by our artists create a fluid continuity within our program. Dissatisfaction with the conventional definitions of art and art making, an attraction to alternative subcultures and the creative energy inspired by the Do it Yourself ethic acts as a common thread. The works produced are primarily figurative with a strong sense of narration - the artist as storyteller.

The DIY attitude has helped shape our gallery's commitment to offering our space as one that encourages exploration. Bridging the gap between exhibiting artwork in the gallery setting, and ephemerally on the street, the challenge often faced by street artists is how to translate their imagery into a "whitebox" environment from it's context within the urban landscape. At Jonathan LeVine Gallery, artists are given complete freedom to fill the space with large scale pieces and incorporate the gallery walls into their work through complex and inventive installations. Past exhibitions have included alternative spaces in DUMBO, Brooklyn and mural projects throughout the city.

Website : http://jonathanlevinegallery.com/

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