Schiller & Bodo - New York - USA

Schiller & Bodo European Paintings is a private gallery located at 120 East 65th Street. Located in an Upper East Side townhouse, we've tailored the gallery for the utmost comfort and intimacy, creating an elegant atmosphere reminiscent of the private Parisian Salons where many of our paintings may once have hung. The gallery is open by appointment, but keeps regular business hours Monday through Friday. We specialize in 19th-Century European paintings, with emphasis on works from the French Academic, Realist, Barbizon and Post-Impressionist traditions. We maintain a large inventory of fine quality works and are always happy to consider good quality European works for purchase or consignment. Established in 1990, we offer an extensive body of knowledge and experience in this rapidly changing and developing market.

Website : http://schillerandbodo.com/

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