Schillay Fine Art - New York - USA

Schillay Fine Art and Richard Schillay have carried on and expanded the art dealing tradition begun by Richard's father, M. Edwin Schillay. For decades after World War II, M. Edwin Schillay was the foremost dealer of 19th Century British art. He spearheaded the introduction to America of Victorian paintings on a large scale - long before Victorian art gained today's aesthetic appreciation. Today, Schillay Fine Art has greatly expanded its interests and offering - well into the fields of Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Modern art, while still offering fine examples of 19th Century academic work.

The gallery has been responsible for the placement of many works in important museum and private collections. The gallery also takes particular pride in selecting and offering schools of art that is, today, undeservedly neglected and present excellent collecting opportunities for their clients.

Website : http://www.schillay.com/index.html

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