The Agency Gallery - London - United Kingdom

the Agency is a commercial gallery with a programmatic approach to presenting contemporary emerging art in an international context, established in 1996.

Straddling the line between commercial enterprise and curatorial practice the gallery nurtures and presents emerging art and artists internationally in curated exhibitions, pop-up events, art fairs and considered placing of works in private and institutional collections as well as public commissions.

the Agency is renowned for realising first or early shows with artists, who have subsequently gone on to major careers, such as Joachim Koester, Douglas Gordon, Rebecca Warren, Ming Wong, Zineb Sedira, Peter Zimmermann and many more.

An ongoing concern of the gallery is the producer-led support of innovative artistic practice. The Agency supports new media, event based performance, sound art and electronic media as part of and parallel to the main programme and engages in collaborative projects with galleries and funded institutions internationally.

Our artist and project index serves to facilitate and mark both in-house and collaborative projects as well as to highlight longer term and curatorial co-operations with artists and cultural practitioners across various disciplines.

Website : http://www.theagencygallery.co.uk/about_n.html

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