Durlacher Fine Art - London - United Kingdom

Durlacher Fine Art is a London based art consultancy specialising in contemporary Asian art. DFA was established by Natasha Durlacher in 1998 having spent seven years prior to that working in the art world in Hong Kong. It was there that she gained her experience and wealth of knowledge of Asian Contemporary Art and her extensive travels throughout South East Asia brought her into contact with many young innovative artists who have since made their mark on the international art scene. It was on a trip to Vietnam in 1992, that the raw and undiscovered talent of the Vietnamese artists particularly struck Durlacher. Many trips to the North and South followed, researching the history of Vietnamese art and building strong links with many of the Vietnamese artists who have since received critical acclaim.

Durlacher Fine Art is now one of the leading dealers of contemporary Vietnamese art representing artists such as Le Thiet Cuong, Dang Xuan Hoa, Nguyen Trung and Nguyen Thanh Binh to name a few.

Durlacher Fine Art incorporated Durlacher Photography into its portfolio focusing on the promotion of Contemporary British Photographery. The gallery aims to exhibit fine works by emerging local photographers with a stong sense of artistic identity and a cohesive body of work. Durlacher Photography represents Tim Hall and Martyn Colbeck.

Website : http://www.durlacherfineart.com/

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