Manya Igel Fine Arts - London - United Kingdom

Our Company specialises in Traditional Modern British art. Customer service is of great importance. The Company’s director, Manya Igel, does not have a high street gallery, much preferring to welcome clients, by appointment, to a congenial home-style environment spread throughout three Bayswater apartments. If more convenient, any painting can be viewed at Glencorse, a sister company situated in Richmond, Surrey, where in addition to paintings we have a fine selection of antique furniture. Because we are customer orientated we will deliver and hang a painting free of charge, provided it is within a fifty mile radius, and even allow clientele to ‘live’ with a painting for a day or two to see that it perfectly suits their aspirations.

Having been established successfully for some three decades, we at Manya Igel Fine Arts (MIFA) consider ourselves marketing orientated because the client is always the most important person.
It is customary for galleries offering work by contemporary painters to have them on sale or return from the artists, the gallery taking a substantial cut from the selling price. Manya Igel Fine Arts’ approach is unique in that we buy outright the majority of our contemporary paintings directly from well-known artists, most of whom are members of prestigious institutions such as the Royal Academy and the New English Art Club. This results in the company only proffering works of the very highest quality.

We are always on the lookout for aspiring, figurative artists and are very proud of our track record of discovering and nurturing new artistic talent and bringing it to the fore.

Website : http://www.manyaigelfinearts.com/

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