The Tryon Galleries - London - United Kingdom

The Tryon Galleries comprises the Tryon Gallery and the Royal Exchange Art Gallery, specializing in the very best of Sporting and Wildlife art, and Marine paintings respectively. The group reflects the amalgamation over the years of the Moorland Gallery (1972), Oliver Swann Galleries (1995) and Malcolm Innes Gallery (2000). In 2009, the Tryon Gallery celebrated 50 years of trading with two very successful Golden Jubilee Exhibitions.

The Gallery typically holds between 6–8  feature exhibitions a year. These are usually either one-man shows by the Gallery's reknown stable of artists, or theme based group exhibitions, including both contemporary and deceased artists' paintings. In addition to the exhibition programme, the Tryon Galleries also offers a bespoke framing and restoration service for all types of paintings, and a 'search and find' service for collectors and interior designers under its division Art for Sail.

Website & source : http://www.tryon.co.uk/

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