Dubhe Carreño Gallery - Chicago - U.S.A.

Since its inception the gallery’s primary focus has been to present contemporary ceramics that illustrate the diversity of concepts being explored by emerging and mid-career ceramic artists, and to reflect the ongoing development and interdisciplinary participation within the field. Dubhe Carreño Gallery is known as the prime platform in Chicago for presenting contemporary ceramics by international artists.

In the 2009 fall season the gallery moved to the West Loop of Chicago, widening its scope to include sculpture in a variety of media, paintings, and works on paper. Dubhe Carreño Gallery will continue to bring ceramics to the forefront, shifting only to incorporate a wider array of artists whose commonality rests on their interest in materiality and process with a sensitive understanding of the language and context that materials inherently bring to their work.
Dubhe Carreño Gallery artists are represented in major public and private collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of Arts and Design--NYC, the National Museum of Women in Arts, the Everson Museum, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, the Macon County Museum of Art, Arizona State University Art Museum, the Fuller Craft Museum, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, DeCordova Museum and the Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Arts, International Ceramics Museum among others.
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