Arthobler gallery - Zürich - Switserland

The gallery arthobler was founded 2001 in porto and has maintained a dynamic exhibition space during eleven years in the cultural area of rua miguel bombarda.  in summer 2012 the gallery has been pleased to opened its new space in the heart of zurich.

Since the beginning we have followed a distinctive and continuous program, showing national and international positions of contemporary art that are covering a wide range of media, from drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and installation to video and new media art. as part of our strategy, we focus on artists whose works in an individual and critical language reflect the contemporary spirit and are stimulating and encouraging reflections on the experience and perception of our time.

We care equally to maintain a long-standing collaboration with our established artists as we do on promoting and supporting young and emerging artists. to ensure that artists represented by the gallery gain and retain international exposure we take part in a variety of international art fairs.

We understand our gallery work as an important share in the understanding and appreciation of art and our artist and we therefore give special importance to maintain an open and stable collaboration with our collectors and to reforce at the same time the cooperation with other galleries and institutions.

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