Peder Lund - Oslo - Norway

After a long period of art dealership with internationally acclaimed artists to central institutions and art collections in Norway and Scandinavia, the decision to establish an exhibition programme in November 2009 was with the intention to augment our communication with the general public.
The exhibition program reflects a longtime focus on internationally esteemed artists working within modern and contemporary art. The exhibitions are planned and executed in direct collaboration with the artists, their primary galleries, and estates.
The artists chosen for the exhibitions have been widely exhibited in international museum and gallery contexts and the exhibition programme reflects a comprehensive and varied outlook to the t

Over a period of twenty years Peder Lund has been dealing modern and contemporary art to public, corporate and private collectors.
We are updated on current and upcoming auctions, as well as the primary and secondary art markets, at all times. A considerable part of our dealership is based on direct contact with leading art galleries, art dealers, and artists worldwide, with a primary focus on USA, Europe, and Japan. We continuously keep a varied inventoryendencies of international museums and galleries.