OPEN WALLS - Berlin - Deutschland

OPEN WALLS is a unique and internationally renowned gallery space that focuses on Urban Fine Art. The OPEN WALLS project is transient in nature with its many Pop-Up shows, internet presence and constant public appeal at some of the largest urban art fairs in the world. Our program mainly focuses on developing the movement surrounding Urban Art and allowing it to have a voice in the fine art world.

OPEN WALLS is predominately based in Stattbad, a large vacant local swimming pool in the northern part of Berlin that also houses artist's studios and silkscreen printing facilities. YZ, BR1, Blo, Just, Alias, Vermibus, Anton Unai, Miss Take, Giacomo Spazio and Various & Gould are just a few of the international artists represented by OPEN WALLS. Many of the represented artists were heavily rooted in the Berlin street art & graffiti scene originally, but now hold a place in the art gallery. Using a multitude of mediums such as collage, photography, printmaking and painting, these artists have large vibrant and dynamic collections that are available to view in the showroom alongside the main gallery space.

Website : OPEN WALLS