Galerie Rothamel - Frankfurt am Main - Deutschland

The Galerie Rothamel was founded in 1996 by the art historian Jörk Rothamel. Initially the Gallery worked predominantly with local artists including Katrin Gaßmann (* 1967), Katrin Heesch (* 1973), Gerd Mackensen and Harald Reiner Gratz (* 1962). A year later the Gallery acquired the portfolios of two significant artists - the work of painter and drawer Moritz Götze (Halle) and sculptor Trak Wendisch (Berlin). Since 1996 the Gallery has also held the works of Leipzig painter Katrin Heichel, a student of Arno Rink and Neo Rauch, as well as the works of Berlin sculptor Axel Anklam, who studied with Anthony Cragg.

In 1997 the Gallery acquired works by Hans-Christian Schink, who is today regarded as one of the most renowned German photographers following his artistic breakthrough in 1994. During the same year, another extraordinary artistic talent was brought to the Gallery through the works of Norwegian painter Lage Opedal.

The Gallery frequently cooperates with museums, art associations and partner galleries, regularly attending the art fairs of Bologna, Karlsruhe and Cologne. In the ten years since its inception, the Gallery has published over 50 publications and catalogues of the exhibited artists, often in collaboration with other museums and institutions.

In the summer of 2002, the Gallery in Erfurt moved residence to Kleine Arche 1 A, a former printing plant that has been converted especially for the Gallery. Since September 2005, the Gallery has also established a presence in Frankfurt am Main.

The Gallery presents around six exhibitions each year.

Website : Galerie Rothamel