Koelnischer Kunstverein (Art Association of Cologne) - Köln - Deutschland

The Koelnischer Kunstverein (Art Association of Cologne) was founded in 1839. As one of the oldest art associations in Germany and with 2000 members it is one of the most renowned institutions dealing with contemporary art, and its activities are highly regarded not only in Cologne and the surrounding region, but also internationally. The main focus of the Koelnischer Kunstverein is to present and support contemporary art as well as to enable exhibitions that are determined by artistic demands and which intensify the confrontation with international art of today.

The Koelnischer Kunstverein building in Cäcilienstrasse was demolished in fall 2002. The Kunstverein has found new quarters in the "Brücke" ("The Bridge" - former British Council). The architecture of the "Brücke", its location in the center of Cologne, and most of all the context of the building in the history of ideas offer interesting conditions for the presentation, communication and discussion of contemporary art. The "Brücke" was built in 1949/50 by the architect Wilhelm Riphahn, who was charged with establishing a symbolic place of dialogue in the city destroyed by the war. This goal meant taking art and culture as a medium for mutual understanding and reconciliation among people and nations marked by war. With the former library of the British Council and a cinema and theater hall, the structure of the "Brücke" provides an infrastructure that forms the basis for developing new models of communication and space, contributing not only to the sensual experience of art, but also fostering theoretical discussion and reflection and helping to question the production conditions of art.

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