Gallery Shoal Creek - Austin, TX - U.S.A.

Few art galleries can boast of a legacy that spans over four decades. Gallery Shoal Creek is an exception. Established in 1965, the gallery continues the tradition of representing talented artists, presenting engaging exhibitions, and building fine art collections.

In April, 2013, the gallery relocated to East Austin, adding a new dimension to the creative energy at the 18,000 sq ft warehouse building anchored by Flatbed Press and Galleries. The new gallery is a warm inviting space for viewing art in an urban environment. Here, we continue to showcase our highly regarded stable of artists and introduce a few new faces.

The spacious main gallery with a polished concrete wall is perfect for installing large scale work. Here, we will feature Tony Saladino's abstracted landscapes, rich in color and movement; Shawn Camp's expansive canvases and highly textured surfaces; and surreal imagery melding cultural symbolism by Rene Alvarado. An interior gallery provides a more intimate viewing area for work ranging from Milt Kobayashi's figurative intrigue to Katie Maratta's unique horizonscapes while the center area highlights works on paper including Jill Lear's mixed media drawings and organic woodcut prints by Karen Kunc.

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