Dot Fiftyone Gallery - Miami, FL - U.S.A.

Dot Fiftyone is a Miami based gallery with a focus in contemporary emerging art. Founded in 2003 by Alfredo Guzman and Isaac Perelman. The gallery aims to be a production laboratory for conceptual and contemporary art as much as an exhibition space. Dot Fiftyone’s objective is to create a conduit between the artists and the community local and global, by generating a flexible and mobile structure accessible to all. The directors select primarily emerging international artists whose work retains lasting impact and staying power. Workshops, educational television, lectures, events, as well as philanthropy, have all been part of the Dot program.
Though the gallery established its reputation as leaders in the world of contemporary Latin American art, today the gallery strives to erase the gap between geographically diverse cultures, as the directors believe these boundaries do not exist in the artists’ intentions. 
Mr. Perelman is President of the Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA) and Mr. Guzman is a chairman on the Board of the Wynwood Arts District Association (WADA), reinforcing their involvement in the development of the arts in the city. Dot Fiftyone enjoys a strong collector base in, Miami, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Latin America.
Dot Fiftyone gallery introduces novel ways to raise the mission of a gallery in the XXI century. It is not enough,  to simply  showcase and promote the artists,  but to actively interact with the social platform that fits in a space of this nature.
Galleries currently produces, not only artistic content for general consumption, but contemporary art as well, expanding their scope to other projects such as conferences, seminars, workshops and video samples and non-commercial films. Thus Dot Fifthyone seeks to break the isolation to engage actively in the life of the community, pushing the boundaries that define the relationship with the urban structure to which it belongs to, geographically.