Princeton University Art Museum - Princeton - New Jerdey - U.S.A.

The Princeton University Art Museum seeks to bring the visual arts to the heart of the Princeton University experience for students, scholars, and visitors of all kinds as one of the world’s greatest comprehensive museums in an academic setting. By fostering critical thinking, visual literacy, dialogue, and empathy, the Museum aspires to enrich human experience and to strengthen citizenship.

The Princeton University Art Museum educates, challenges, and inspires the students of Princeton University and members of a diverse local, national, and international public through exposure to the world of art. Uniting fresh, object-based scholarship with broad accessibility, the Museum soothes and provokes, affirms accepted meanings and suggests new ones, excites the imagination, and affords encounters of both clarity and uncertainty. Intimate in scale yet expansive in scope, the Museum presents opportunities to delve deeply into the study of art and culture, offers a revitalizing experience of extraordinary works of art, and acts as a library of the visual and a gateway to the University’s intellectual resources.