Museum Het Schip - Amsterdam - Netherlands

A long cherished wish has come true. Museum Het Schip expanded with 1,200 square meter. In the former primary school, a renovated museum of the Amsterdam School has openend it's doors for the public on July 2nd, 2016. It  houses a large exposition on the Amsterdam School, entitled AMSTERDAM SCHOOL, CONSTRUCTED IDEALS. The contemporary, interactive exhibition guarantees a surprising and inspiring visit for adults and children, including movies, mirrors, plays of shadows, soundscapes and multitouch tables. Visitors will vividly experience what it is like to be surrounded with the skills, inspiration and imaginative splendor of the Amsterdam School.

The exhibition shows the variety and wide range of the Amsterdam School movement. Architects, artists, housing authorities, passionate administrators and skilled craftsmen constructed the ideals in their own way, resulting in workers' palaces such as the Ship, Dawn and the Schippinghouse. In the whole country of the Netherlands one can admire these Amsterdam School buildings.

The Amsterdam School is an art and architectural movement of romance, fantasy and social ideals. Beauty and art were not only reserved for the elite, but served the whole society. The exhibition will introduce you to the richness of the Amsterdam School style: the buildings, the art and the uplifting of the working class. The Amsterdam School as a movement culminated in the early twentieth century, but still inspires to this day.

The exhibition is composed with collection of the Museum Het Schip, including a set of master bedroom furniture designed by architect Piet Kramer, and a lamp, painting and closet by Michel de Klerk. Also a lot of work of sculptor Hildo Krop is shown. An entire living room by Michel de Klerk, designed for 't Woonhuys, comes from  the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and the Amsterdam Museum. The Cultural Heritage Agency has given several Amsterdam School lamps and pieces of art for the exhibition in long-term loan. The exhibition is made possible by various funds and sponsors:

Museum Het Schip shows the beauty of the Amsterdam School in full glory. The exhibition is designed by Design Wolf and executed by Brandwacht & Meijer. Hardware and lighting: Rapenburg Plaza. Graphic design: Marjolein Triesscheijn. Audio and video productions: Captain Video. Multimedia: Sylvain Vriens. Project leader: Heske Dam. Curator: Barend Blom. Conservator: Eliza Perez. Support: Nikki Manger, Marjon van Wier, Joao Vitalis.