ChinaSquare - New York - USA

Conceived in 2004, ChinaSquare was born from a desire to facilitate contemporary Chinese artists entering international markets while providing guidance to new enthusiasts. Not satisfied to be a niche of the art world, ChinaSquare advocates the idea that Chinese contemporary art is relevant to every collector of contemporary art.
Recently relocated to Lower East Side, the heart of Manhattan's emerging arts district, the gallery is ideally positioned to introduce the work of Chinese artists to a wider international audience. Notably different from other galleries that exhibit Chinese art, ChinaSquare is committed solely to the promotion of Chinese contemporary work, and only Chinese artists. Our New York gallery space acts as the hub from which we communicate with clients and institutions while preparing our rigorous exhibition and art fair schedules. With an office in Beijing dedicated to cultivating artist relations, no sacrifice is made in the service and care provided to the artists we represent. For these reasons, we are able to work fluidly with both the talents in China and the collectors in North America and Europe.
ChinaSquare increases the visibility of Chinese contemporary art both academically and commercially by collaborating closely with art historians, private collectors, museums and cultural institutions, critics, foundations, and art enthusiasts. The gallery showcases Chinese contemporary artwork including photography, painting, sculpture, video art, and installations. ChinaSquare is especially proud to show the works of Cai Zhisong 蔡志松, Chihung Yang 楊識宏, Cui Guotai 崔國泰, Duan Jianghua 段江華, Guangci 廣慈, He Duoling 何多苓, Mao Yan 毛焰, Su Xinping 蘇新平, Xiang Jing 向京, Ye Yongqing 葉永青, Zhang Xiaotao 張小濤, Zhao Nengzhi 趙能智, Zhong Biao 鍾飆 and Zhu Wei 朱偉.

Website : http://chinasquareny.com/gallery/