Christine Burgin Gallery - New York - USA

The Christine Burgin Gallery publishes and produces works with artists. These have ranged from the reinstallation of Max Neuhaus' sound work for Times Square - now part of the permanent collection of the DIA Foundation -- to editions, installations and books with the artists Rodney Graham, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Michael Smith, Al Ruppersberg, Anne Chu, Matt Mullican and Allan McCollum. The gallery opened in 1986 with a program that included Chris Burden, John Cage, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Buckminster Fuller, Hamish Fulton, Maria Nordman, Alan Saret and James Welling as well as numerous historical exhibitions including “No One May Ever Have this Knowledge Again,” an exhibition organized in collaboration with the Museum of Jurassic Technology in California and “Twixt Two Worlds” curated by the magician and collector Ricky Jay.
The gallery's most recent projects include the books Robert Walser Microscripts, (co-published with New Directions), British Weathervanes by Rodney Graham and The Adventures of a Dreamer by Zoe Beloff; the production of the installation Big Trouble by Allen Ruppersberg and print editions with Rodney Graham, Paul Lincoln, Matt Mullican and Allen Ruppersberg. Upcoming books include a new translation of Paul Scheerbart's Das Perpetuum Mobile and other stories, a collaboration with Josiah McElheny and a book of the writings and visual work of Paul Altenberg.

Website : http://www.christineburgin.com/index.html