Grace Exhibition Space - New York - USA

Grace Exhibition Space, opened in 2006, is the singular gallery in New York City devoted to Performance-Art. We are committed to exhibiting the premier artists in the world, whether emerging, mid career or established. Being a Brooklyn loft, our events are presented in an environment where, by presenting the performances on an equal level as the viewers, the boundary between artist and viewer is dissolved. We believe strongly that this is how performance-art is meant to be viewed, presented and experienced. Our mission is the glorification of performance art.

Grace Exhibition Space is Directed by Jill McDermid and Erik Hokanson, who participate in international performance-art festivals as artists and curators in Europe, Asia, Central and South America.

Grace Exhibition Space is affiliated with the Alice Chilton Gallery for Performance Art Documentation. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Director, Jill McDermid

Website : http://www.grace-exhibition-space.com/index.php 

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