Bleu Gallery - London - United Kingdom

Art is the essence of life. Without the demiurge, the creative impulse, we could not invent, evolve or transcend. Without aesthetic contemplation, we could not know beauty. We could never know light from darkness, truth from lies, hate from love.

Through history, the visual arts have been humanity's most elemental form of expression. Images have served as our magic and medicine, a religion and refuge, a universal language. The arts map our souls, they record our dreams. They mirror life, while offering new ways in which to view it.

Blue Gallery was inspired by reverence for that power. It was conceived as a sanctuary for the art experience; the imperative, eternal, yet eternally new communion between artist, art and audience. Today the gallery remains dedicated to the idea that the vital, transformative power of the visual arts remain accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstance or academic background.

Blue Gallery loves art.
Blue Gallery exists for art's sake.
Blue Gallery is always seeking new art.
Blue Gallery seeks artists who have demonstrated an ability to produce exceptional work over the course of a career.
Blue Gallery seeks artists who also have the interpersonal skills necessary to work with other creative individuals, and the professionalism needed to succeed in a highly competitive field.

Website : http://www.bluegalleryonline.com/default.aspx

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