Kaleidoscope Gallery

Kaleidoscope Gallery is a great point of entry for collectors of contemporary art. We feature a range of modern artists and are able to obtain the work of any available artists. We invite you to visit us any time or phone if you have questions about the availabiltity of any pieces you might be interested in.

The 1,050 square foot gallery features work by severyal high quality contemporary artists. Highlights of the gallery include originals and limited edition prints by Daniel Merriam and Aldo Luongo, as well as unique gifts including the works of local kaleidoscope artist Linda Bellacicco, Moon Dog Kaleidoscopes.

See our News & Events page to keep informed of our upcoming shows. These are unique experiences where you are able to meet artists in our intimate gallery setting. You can also sign up on our mailing list to stay informed of our upcoming events.

A wide range of art is on display so that you may experience the full pleasure of these rare artists' talent. We also offer quality custom framing and business art consultation for your new or existing office space to meet any budget.

Website : http://www.kgallery.com/

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