MOKSPACE - London - United Kingdom

MOKSPACE, an exciting new gallery within the international art scene that is focused here in London, is where East meets West. Principally it spotlights work from today's most exciting, and booming, creative sources - Korea, China and Japan.

From time to time Mokspace also includes the work of artists and designers from other locations in Europe and the United States, plus that created by inspired creative people from other cultures who have chosen to live and work in the UK.
Of course, we are mindful of the diverse community of young artistic talent active in the UK, and watch their vocation with great interest. Like so many artists at the start of their careers, many remain virtually undiscovered, and so we make a point of lending a hand in their progress by staging mixed exhibitions throughout the year. Our policy will always be to display fresh new paintings, sculpture, photographs and contemporary design objects from these varied sectors which, through such imaginative input, may transcend the utilitarian and become aesthetically inspirational –be it through paint, metal, ceramics, glass, jewellery or lighting.

Website & source : http://www.mokspace.com/

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