Simon Oldfield - London - United Kingdom

Our programme is ambitious and collaborative. We work closely with artists and independent curators to realise projects with strong curatorial vision and clarity. Since our inaugural show in 2009 we have presented work by both UK and international artists, and a spectrum of emerging, mid-career and established artists. As an independent gallery, we are committed to building a rigorous programme, while taking curatorial risks – an approach that has received excellent critical response.

Simon Oldfield is committed to presenting the first UK solo presentations for promising artists including Matthew La Croix, Simon Foxall, Sam Knowles and Ryan Leigh. We have also presented solo exhibitions by established artists including Neal Tait.

We represent Sam Knowles, Ryan Leigh, Kay Harwood, Ben Ashton, Julia Fodor aka Princess Julia and Daniel Wallis. We also have close relationships with Katie Cuddon, Sam Plagerson, Juno Calypso, Jonny Briggs, Tim Ellis, Sam Basu, Ben Ravenscroft and Neal Tait.

Our space allows us to run concurrent presentations and show work in depth and more diverse work including installation, sound, film and sculpture. We also run the Aloud: Storytelling programme.

Simon Oldfield has an international client base, working with established and young collectors. Simon Oldfield is also the global art advisor for corporate collections including The Jason Atherton Collection.

2013 will see the gallery continuing to build on its international programme and the expansion of Simon Oldfield Press, publishing books, catalogues and editions. Simon Oldfield supports gallery artists, arts organisations including The Whitechapel Gallery. We also run an artist-in-residence programme and Ryan Leigh is the current resident.

Website : http://simonoldfield.com/

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