Galerie Bob Gysin - Zürich - Switserland

Galerie Bob Gysin, founded in 1971, has established itself in the Swiss art scene as a visionary place. It sees itself as a progressive gallery with the aim to represent current positions of mainly Swiss art. This includes both young and lesser known artists as well as internationally recognized names. The theme of "space" - whether as physical or mental space - is one component of the program. The aim of the gallery to look after their artists and to support them in the long term has helped for example Roman Signer, Adrian Schiess or Carmen Perrin to become known at a national and international level. The balance between painting, sculpture and photography will be maintained in the future. 'Position', an annual group show is presenting works of artists outside of the gallery's program. A small publication is accompanying each show in order to grant further insight into our exhibitions.

Website & source : Galerie Bob Gysin


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