Galerie Susi Brunner - Zürich - Switserland

 My professional involvement with Contemporary and especially with Outsider Art & Art Brut began in 1973. Outsider Art is born of impulses, with no accordance to established art forms and without any consideration to current fashions. Creators of Outsider Art often also live on the fringes of society. Lacking preconditioning and schooling they are free from the burdens of academic art norms, which can be seen both in the content and form of their art. What comes out of this is a spontaneous power and originality, stemming from unconventional reflections and fantasies to their own lives. We meet their memories, we feel their pain, their fear, their sadness, their mourning and their joy. We live their fantasies through worlds inhabited by fascinating creatures and settings. Raw, this art hits straight at the heart and moves us deeply simply by contemplating it and letting it work on us. 

Website & source : Galerie Susi Brunner


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