Alberto Linero Gallery - Miami, FL - U.S.A.

At the helm of Alberto Linero Gallery, Alberto Linero’s business philosophy mirrors his deep connection with people, nature and positive energy. He believes that strong relationships set the groundwork for productive business and facilitates an environment of high personal and professional understanding among his colleagues.

A lover of life, he is inspired by creativity and his travels.  From an early age, Linero took interest in global commerce and business models that positively contribute to society.

Linero earned his degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, and thereafter enrolled in Cartagena’s naval academy. His military career took him around the world and nurtured his curiosity for culture and people, eventually leading him to Miami.

Though Linero has since used his entrepreneurial background to build a successful construction and interior design group, his modern sensibilities and affinity for working with creative minds have lead him to the visual arts.  As the principal of Alberto Linero Gallery in the Wynwood Design District, he anticipates that Miami will grow to become one of the world’s top five artistically-rich cities, fueled by its international flavor.

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