Gallery 51 - Philadelphia, PA - U.S.A.

The focus at Gallery 51 is on fine, antique textile art and oriental rugs, with an inventory spanning the last two millenia of human history. We offer both residential and commercial customers, as well as sophisticated collectors and museums, a wide selection of visually compelling antique textiles.  
Inventory comprises a range of antique tribal carpets and weavings from the Middle East/Central Asia. Ancient Coptic, Islamic, pre-Columbian, African, European, Native American, and other ethnographic textiles are also offered. Services include buying, selling, consignment, consultation, appraisal, brokerage, mounting, and collection management.  
Textiles are fragile and taking proper care of them is extremely important. We have forged a new collaboration with the highly experienced textile conservators at Philadelphia Textile and Object Conservation (Nancy Love), and with conservator Christopher Mazza, (New York). If your textiles need serious conservation, cleaning or museum quality mounting, please contact me for a consultation.  
Antique textiles are the most green of all antiques and collectibles. Most have been cherished as functional art and have been in constant use for at least 100 years, bringing a new dimension to the concept of creative reuse and recycling.
We also feature contemporary artists of merit. Recent shows include tapestry artist Alan Magee, Korean fiber artist Bo Young Moon, photographer Peggy Feerick, multi-talented artist Jane Steinsnyder and painter Christopher Windle.

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