Elaine Erickson Gallery - Milwaukee, WI - U.S.A.

The gallery focuses on contemporary paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Both abstract and representational works are featured, as well as surrealism. Featured artists include well-established artists along with emerging regional and national talents. In addition, the gallery features an exquisite selection of African art, including sculpture, masks, textiles, beadwork and utilitarian items.

The Elaine Erickson Gallery is a member of the Milwaukee Art Dealers Association. It was established in 1994 in suburban Milwaukee, originally under the name Studio 613 Fine Arts. Now located in the city's Third Ward Arts District just south of downtown, the gallery is part of a vibrant and artistically diverse community. Converted warehouses and pedestrian-pleasing streetscapes make for an inspiring blend of old and new - a rich mix of cultural, residential and commercial activity.

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