Landmarks Gallery - Milwaukee, WI - U.S.A

Landmarks Gallery has been owned and operated by the Manion family since its begining in 1966. From the early days through today, we have strived to be the best source for framing, restoring, selling and appraising art in the Milwaukee area and beyond. Having been in business this many years gives us a unique perspective on art trends and history, preserving art, realistic values of art, and proper use of framing materials that will enhance and keep your art protected.

In these more recent years, we have seen a greater demand for bringing older pieces of art back to life. Many of our clients want to keep the old painting that hung in grandmas living room, or that antique piece with a lot of potential. It may be grimey with a dingy outdated frame, but when given to us to "fix" we strive to satisfy.

All of us here at Landmarks Gallery have years of art, framing and restoration experience.

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