BlackFlash Magazine

BlackFlash Magazine isn’t just about contemporary art; we’re producing it.
BlackFlash: Lens Site Scene reflects critically on lens-based and advanced media art practices. You’ll see provocative art and ideas that concern producer and viewer alike, including profiles, interviews, reviews, feature articles, and artist projects from both emerging and established artists, writers, and curators. BlackFlash serves a sophisticated readership that is interested in a wide range of contemporary art practices, and in a magazine that continues to both comment on and uniquely contribute to art production in Canada. Our collaborative philosophy and editorial practices make for a highly innovative, sometimes controversial, and visually stunning magazine.
BlackFlash Magazine is published by Buffalo Berry Press Inc. three times a year in Saskatoon, SK, designed by Glenn Mielke, printed by Keystone Graphics, and mailed by Early Mailing & Printing.

Website : http://www.blackflash.ca/index.html

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